Friday, August 21, 2009

It's silly, I know...

I really like the girl who has cut my hair the past few times. She's young and sweet and there's just something about her that I like and trust. She always seems really interested in the kids and has offered several times to babysit. It sincerely seems like she wants to. She used to nanny for a family with, get this: SIX children under EIGHT. Which, on paper, makes her more qualified to watch my kids than I am.

So I called her and asked her to watch David for me while I take Katy to meet her preschool teacher and see her classroom. Here's the silly part: it has occurred to me that I'm going to feel self-concious about my hair that morning. I mean, of course it never looks nearly as good as when they style it. And when you go back in for another haircut, it's like you're admitting: "Hey, I know this looks bad. That's why I'm here. Help me out, give me a cut." But when you see your hairdresser in between haircuts, you have no excuse. Supposedly I am satisfied with the way my hair looks today, because I'm not back at the salon, getting a new one. And I can tell you right now that on that Thursday morning at 9am, it's not even going to resemble the way she left it a few weeks ago.

And of course I hope she's good with the kids, too.


bluedaisy said...

Hope the babysitting arrangement works out and OMG, I would probably spend an hour on my hair that day!

Physibeth said...

That's funny. If it makes you feel better one of the testers that works for me used to be a trainer at Gene Juarez before switching to software and ever since the wedding has been my hair dresser. She sees me every weekday and I guarantee you I almost never have time to do my hair in the morning. So, don't sweat it! ;-)

Mommy Daisy said...

Seriously, don't worry about your hair any more than you usually do.

My best friend through Elementary School and beyond (we still keep in touch a little today) went to trade school our last two years of high school to be a beautician. She did that for a year, then decided she wanted to go to college to be a teacher. She ended up coming to my college, and we got to hang out a lot again. Anyway, she laughed at how often people were concerned about their hair in front of her. It honestly never bothered me, but we'd been friends since we were 6 years old and I didn't think anything of it even if she did cut/style my hair once a month. She said it never mattered to her that her family/friends/clients had their hair just so in front of her. She didn't focus on that at all.

I tell you this to try to set you at ease. Good luck.