Monday, August 31, 2009

Better start saving up...

After looking at one of our wedding pictures, Katy and I had this conversation:

K: Mommy, why did you have curly hair when you were old?

M: You mean when I got married? I fixed my hair to be curly because it was a special day. That's why I was wearing a fancy dress.

K: What is that you're sitting in?

M: A horse carriage. Mommy and Daddy rode in a horse carriage after we got married.

K: I want to ride in a helicopter when I get married!!

Then we were at a garage sale and she picked up a play tiara with a veil and started proclaiming that she was getting married. I dropped 50 cents so she could take the veil home with her, and then asked if she wanted to watch the video where Mommy and Daddy get married. She got wide eyed and said YES.

It didn't occur to me that this would be very entertaining for her to watch, because she knows a lot of the people who are in the video, and how funny! To see people that you know on TV! In fancy clothes, dancing, and eating cake! Every time she wakes up now, she asks, "Can I watch the video where Mommy and Daddy get married?!?!"

I have to admit, I like this video run better than...say...Wiggles or Barney. I find myself sitting down with her for parts of it, feeling sentimental about how amazing the whole thing is, that all of those people who we love so much came together that day, to celebrate the beginning of our new family. And it was a good time, at least I thought so.


Oma Froehle said...

Personally, I like the helicopter idea! Why not get married in the helicopter, too?

Weed said...

After the helicopter they can skydive or something!

Rachel likes talking about her wedding too. I hadn't thought to show her the video. She'd love it!

Kelsey said...

She'll need a ton of hairspray!