Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Unusual, except for the sick part...

Our week has been defined by a fever of Katy's. It started out on Sunday, and has been high and consistent ever since. I took her to the doctor today and they didn't find anything. But here's the weird part: it's been a pretty good week.

Of course I feel terribly that Katy feels bad and I'm hoping every hour that it's over, but other parts have been ok. If I had to schedule this illness, I would've picked this week. The summer busyness is over, but we haven't started our fall schedule yet. We had nothing - Sweet Nothing - planned for this week, so we've just stayed home.

Katy's been tired and cuddly. She's fallen asleep in my arms several times, something that's unheard of when she's well. I've been feeling less guilty about letting her watch Noggin and eat crackers for lunch. I'm just enjoying the chance to chill with her and David at home, snuggling with my girl who usually doesn't snuggle.

Yesterday she called for me after nap and asked me to "come and sleep with her for a little bit." So I laid down in her bed with her and she promptly fell back asleep. And I just laid there and watched her sleep, noticing that her Blankie needs to be washed and that her cheeks are especially chubby up close. It only lasted for a few minutes before I needed to go get David, but it was sweet.

David, so far, has been spared on this one. He's just been running around, chunky and happy and cute as he can be. He's at a stage where he gets lots of compliments when we are out. He's just so cute. He's so active, I find it hard to keep him from hurting himself. He climbs on everything and tries to do things he can't safely do, and I can't take me eyes off of him for one second. I'm worried that he'll fall and hurt himself again, with more than a wrist fracture this time.

So I'm praying that this fever breaks and leaves our house until our next turn. But it hasn't been so bad, this week.


bluedaisy said...

It's good to appreciate the downtime...I don't wish my kids to be sick either but the slower pace & snuggle time is the upside, right? Hope Katy is feeling better soon.

Erin said...

I wonder if she'll break out in a little (not-too-itchy) pinpoint rash once the fever breaks? There's some common childhood virus that causes that (fever, few other symptoms, then a rash when the fever disappears). My boys have had it. Fifth's disease, maybe? I can't recall.

Hope she feels better soon!

Oma Froehle said...

Some of my fondest memories of motherhood are watching my babies sleep. Rocking limp little bodies and counting eyelashes because I am that close . . . . These are the moments I relive in my heart with my grandbabies.

Kelsey said...

Well I'm glad you've had some calm time with the kids. I hear you on the climbing, Michael isn't walking yet but he climbs everything!!! Argh!