Friday, July 31, 2009

Ups and Downs

In an attempt to avoid changing the name of this blog to "Whinefest," I'm going to turn my usual "I'm having a hard time" type post into Ups and Downs.

Up: As of this moment, we have managed to avoid the stomach flu that everyone with small children seems to be catching. I'm thinking of isolating ourselves for the week, because next weekend I'm hosting a big 'ol bridal shower weekend and I don't want to have those germs floating around. So knock knock knock on wood.

Down: I feel like crying because of the potty this week. I'm a broken record, I know. She was doing SO well when we were in PA. I don't think she had any accidents the whole time we were there. But since we got back, it's accident after accident after accident. Wet and dirty. In fact, she has decided that she prefers to poop in her panties and THEN go put it in the potty. Same thing, right? I've gotten myself so excited about preschool that I'm afraid we will all be crushed if it doesn't work out.

Up: David is so stinking cute right now. He says "Date doo" (thank you) when you hand him something, and he nods "yes" when you ask him things like, "Do you want to go outside?" He's so cuddly, it makes all the tough moments worth it.

Down: Katy is having a hard time. Today we went to a Touch-a-Truck event. It was fun, but also really busy and hot. After a while, I thought we needed to leave, but Katy disagreed. She ran away from me several times when I asked her to start walking toward the car. After a warning, finally I had to pick her up and tell her she would be punished when we got home. She screamed the whole way. For lunch, she insisted on Mac n' cheese and then took 2 bites. Then she pooped in her panties as if that was normal. Then I fought her down for a nap. This is a pretty normal day.

Up: Despite these challenges, Katy is just as cute and sweet as she is ornery. She says the funniest things so often that I can't remember them to write them down. And the best part of being a mom is how much she wants to just be with me and play with me. She was in full blown tears the other night because I was going to the grocery and she wanted to come. Finally I caved and let her come. She had a blast helping me get things off the shelf in between driving the car-shaped cart. She kept saying, "If you need anything, Mommy, let me know! I'm right here!" Of course, right before we went home we had another tantrum because she kept running away and I buckled her into the seat. You win some, you lose some.

Down: Brian and I are talking about several opportunities that we might like to take this fall. One of them is that my really wonderful boss would like me to take on some further responsibility at work. Other opportunities are family related and health related. I would love to do them all, but all of them would require more of me, and I sincerely feel like I'm giving all of myself that I can right now. So I'm really torn, really emotional, and don't know what to do.

Up: Brian and I have started to try to get back into shape as far as exercise and healthy eating. With the move and other craziness this spring, things got completely out of hand around here. So it feels good to make a step in that direction.

Down: I don't know if it's related to the dieting and exercise, or related to the early mornings and late evenings that the exercise lends itself to, but I am so tired. I feel exhausted all the time. I thought being healthy was supposed to give you energy? Maybe next week. Or maybe all the "Downs" on this list are related to my lack of chocolate recently.


Oma Froehle said...

I remember being tired all the time as a mother. I was addicted to Tab and then to Diet Coke---caffeine.

I read somewhere (when you were 3) that a 3-year-old lives to test every boundary set before them. Since Mom represents about 75% of the boundaries in her young life, this means mom is the target of most of the testing. Translation: Katy needs to know the boundaries are real; and you get to prove to her that you mean what you say every single time. (All 682 times . . . .)

Hang on! You will win! It helps to remember that you are bigger than she is. :-)

bluedaisy said...

Oh these ups and downs... I like the balance of your post- a very accurate reflection of real life. It's so hard to fight the same battles and then redo the ones you thought were already won. If it's any consolation, Michael (who has been a potty training champ) pooped in his underwear twice this week and had some wet-related incidents as well at both home & it in the air? humidity? And the boundary-testing... aahhhh I feel like a broken record every day of my life. I am hoping this all gets easier- or at least not so monotonous. It is hard to consider putting MORE on your plate when you already have plenty. I wish you wisdom in your decision-making & hope the potty and tantrum events settle down!

Mommy Daisy said...

We go through the same sorts of things with Zachariah day in and day out. I know it's 3! He started doing this about a month before his 3rd birthday. And yes, we had the same troubles with potty training. It was back and forth for quite a while. We seem to be past that now, but every once in a while there will be a momentary setback. Just stick with it. It's tough, and it's tougher to admit it. But we're all right there with you! **hugs**

Pam said...

I feel your pain the tired thing, the healthy eating thing, the 3-year old tantrum thing. Keep your chin up missus - it could be worse.
At least we can save up bonus points for ice cream :-)

Erin said...

2 things.

Thing The First: Sometimes I get that down-- like, really, reeeally DOWN-- feeling. I fantasize about not getting out of bed. And I wonder why I'm SO TIRED and sad. Am I depressed? NO. It is the effect of putting every ounce of energy (physical & emotional) into my three-year-old and get 99% screaming & fighting & defiance in return. This sounds depressing, but it actually makes me feel BETTER. Like, well OF COURSE I feel that way! It would be ABNORMAL to feel any different!

Thing the second: Calum peed in his pant three times the other night. He did it ON PURPOSE. I said, "Oh Cal. You wet your pants again?" and he replied, "It's not a big deal, MOM," in a tone that totally implied EYE-ROLLING.

I brought him some dry undies and asked him, "Why are you peeing your pants instead of using the potty like you know how?" And he answered, "JUST DEAL WITH IT, MOM."


Jen said...

Been there, still there, eventually would like to move from there! Being a mom is tough. We have so many things (or little ones) demanding our attention. Praying you find some time to rest and relax amidst it all.

(Eventually, we'll miss these times, right?!)