Thursday, August 20, 2009

Scattered thoughts

Hello! I was just noticing that my average time between posts has been stretching longer and longer and longer...

But literally everyday, almost throughout the day, I am thinking of things I could post about. Would write about if I had time. So a brief synopsis of what I can remember will do.

  • We went to my mom's house last weekend and had a really good time. We went to an amazing pool/"waterpark" and I didn't take a single picture or video the whole time. It was relaxing, in a way, just to decide not to capture it on file.
  • Remember how I've been talking a lot lately about how overwhelmed I've been feeling? Well, things have been better the past couple of weeks. I don't know if the kids have changed or life has calmed down or it's my attitude. But I'm feeling more under control. It's a big relief.
  • Part of what may play into that is that potty training has been going well for the past 3 weeks. I think we may be over the hump into the term potty trained. I'm sure we'll still have accidents, but we're chugging along as if the potty is the norm these days. Finally.
  • This fall feels really significant to me. This is the first year of parenthood that I am so very aware that summer is ending and the school year is beginning. Not only will Katy be starting preschool, but there are several other parts of our weekly routine that will change. It will be a different mode. A school mode. And every year from here on out will feel this way. It's very strange. But I'm really excited about it.
  • I got David's haircut again yesterday. I just love little boys with fresh haircuts. So cute, I can't stop nuzzling him.
  • I made a really silly mistake the other day and attempted to let Katy paint while David was awake. It was a total disaster and I decided that I will not try again until he's 2. (or when he's asleep, of course) I was finding paint on the walls of different rooms the following day.
  • I can't remember if I've mentioned this before, but it should be recorded somewhere. Two things Katy is obsessed with: wearing dresses and the color green. I have to do some serious coercing if I want her to wear shorts or capris for some reason, so I'm on the lookout for cheap tights this winter. Also, she points out green wherever we go. "Look, Mommy! That sign is GREEN! My favorite color!" "Oh, Mommy, look! That boy is wearing a green shirt! My favorite color! Just like Steve!!" (Blue's Clues)
  • I have songs from the Fresh Beat Band in my head all day.
  • I am now receiving two copies of Family Fun magazine, and if I combined the 2 subscriptions, I'll be paid up until 2016. And I've never sent them a dime.

David and Katy have really had some interesting one-sided conversations lately:

  • I was refilling the box of diapers in the family room, and David was getting into them. Katy said, "Yes, David, those are your diapers. But you can't wear them until you poop."
  • David was crying in the car seat on a trip home from somewhere, and Katy was attempting to scream back at him, "STOP! CRYING! DAVID!!!! I! CAN'T! HEAR! THE! WIGGLES!!!!"
  • David wants to do whatever Katy is doing all the time. Once she was doing her alphabet puzzle and he was attempting to push the pieces into the spots, but of course they're always wrong. Katy scolded him, "No, David! That's not a K! Don't you know your letters?!"
  • At my mom's house they were having a dispute about sidewalk chalk. David's screaming apparently didn't express the appropriate level of frustration, so he reached over and pulled her pigtail: HARD. He was MAD. I had visions of all the fights I'm destined to break up in the coming years. Yikes.


Pam said...

Glad you blogged! I miss not reading about you all.
Fresh Beat Band = me too. Isn't it really annoying. But better than Barney.
Glad the poty training has come to a great end. She's smart that girl
Green huh? Jack's favourite is blue
I hope the nice interactions between the kids will out-do the fights!

Weed said...

--Land's End has tights in their overstocks section. I didn't look at the sizes, but I noticed quite a few there, so maybe you can find some in the right size. I love their tights because they're really heavy cotton and durable.
--Same thing happened with me and the Family Fun thing--I combined my two subscriptions. I also get the online version in my inbox. I don't remember signing up for that, but oh well.
--Totally with you on the significance of this fall. Feels that way for me, too. Oh, and we decided not to do AWANA this year, though I'm sad about it. Going to try to sign up for that music class you told me about, though.

Glad you're feeling less overwhelmed, and hooray for potty training going so well!

Kelsey said...

So far I usually put Harper in snug leggings under dresses, rather than tights - easier for the bathroom. Lands End and L.L. Bean usually have a good selection, sometimes you can find overstocks, and they last longer than tights! Don't know what we'd do w/out leggings and bike shorts - Harper is a fan of dresses!

bluedaisy said...

I'm not sure how long it has taken me to notice, but I love the new look on your blog (my observational powers are severely lacking these days). I love when someone posts "scattered thoughts"--they suit my short attention span very well these days. And I always feel like I found out ALOT in a short time--like we just chatted on the phone after not talking for a while. Also, I have been slacking with blogging too...but am glad you are feeling better- I get stuck in that zone too and it's not fun. Love all the brother-sister interactions :)

Allecia said...

Yep, we're with you in the back to school, end of summmer thing this year. It's wierd! I've felt it MANY times as a teacher, but now on the parenting end it's completely different. Let me know how the tights won't be long before I'm dealing with that too (and I'm not a "tights" kinda girl).

Oma Froehle said...

I'm glad Katy likes green; it's my favorite color, too.

We sure had fun when you were here! I haven't washed the fingerprints off the kitchen door or the storm door. Little handprints still bring a smile . . . eventually I'll wash them off.