Tuesday, September 01, 2009

First Pair of Sneaks

With the cooler weather this week, I put David in his new sneakers. Since I'm not a big fan of shoes on babies, this is the first pair he's worn. (I found them at a garage sale earlier this summer for $1.75! They're brand new! Although I may regret the ties.)

I got to thinking about how many pairs of sneakers he's going to wear in his life. And how tiny these are compared to whatever size he gets up to. And wondering what kinds of things he'll do in his sneakers in years to come.

He looks like such a big boy.

You'll also notice in this photo:

1) He's swimming in his fall clothes. I bought 2T last spring on clearance thinking that his rate of growth from the first year would surely put him in a 2T. These pants are one of the few pairs of 18 month hand me downs we have. Of course, any kid with [maiden name] blood will be destined to roll their pants and sleeves. That's a given.

2) His busted lip, which he acquired after tripping on the driveway the other night (wearing his summer shoes, can't blame the sneaks). I remember posting about a beat-up looking Katy when she was about this age.
And I'm such a mean mom...I won't let him play with the camera!!


Pam said...

I hope you don't regret the ties but I did. Velcro all the way!!!

What a handsome young man he is, but I did laugh out loud at the last picture - he looks just like you (not crying obviously but his features)!!!!

Kelsey said...

What a deal! Shoe shopping for Michael is "on our list" for the long weekend.