Saturday, January 31, 2009

Guess where Katy is sleeping right now?


I can't believe it, but for the first time in her life, Katy is asleep in something other than a crib. We've had this twin bed from my mom in the closet for a while, and we finally decided to take the plunge today. We talked it up all day, and took her to Target, where she selected Flannel Princess sheets (so what if I only let her pick from the clearance rack?). She was SO excited about it, but as you can see, I wasn't quite as confident. I took the wimpy route and left the crib in the room. My strategy was to tell her that if she got up, she would sleep in her crib, which I knew she did NOT want to do. Well, for the first hour that we have tried this, it has worked so far. She got up once, I warned her that she would go back into her crib, and she has stayed ever since and fell asleep. However, I'm really nervous about the future: the rest of the night tonight, nap tomorrow, when someone else puts her to bed, when we sleep somewhere other than our house...uncertainty lies ahead!!! It'll be ok, right? So nervous...
We've had another round of illness late this week, including a nasty cough from David. We didn't leave the house hardly at all this week, and I am so SICK of winter. It's hard to imagine the days when we aren't round and round with sickness and we can go outside without 20 minutes of bundling first. Ugh.


Weed said...

Ironic--my husband and I were just talking tonight about when to move Rachel to a big girl bed, too. It involves giving her a whole new bedroom, though, since her room now really is too small, and we have a huge guest room which will become her room. Anyway, we're hoping to have the big switch done for her birthday.

Hope she stays in bed! Rachel's slept in a big bed a few times at my mom's, and the threat of having to sleep in the pack and play has always been enough to keep her in bed. Hopefully it is for Katy too.

And I can TOTALLY relate about being sick of winter. Another thing we discussed tonight. This is a rough time of year.

Mimi said...

Glad Katy is in a "big" girl bed. Don't borrow trouble with the "what if's" just enjoy this new phase in her life--and get rid of the crib in her room--in this, she doesn't need a choice. Trust me, she'll do fine. What does worry get you anyway--besides high blood pressure:)

P.S. I'm ready for Spring, too!!!

Oma Froehle said...

Yay, Katy! You're a big girl now!

Except, how can you sleep with all those hot pink sheets and pajamas with pictures all over them? Good thing you have room darkening shades.

bluedaisy said...

Go Katy! You are so nice to leave the crib option there. Not only did we take Michael's crib but we gave it to Liam- so we could return our borrowed crib to its rightful owner. Michael had lost interest in his crib and was sleeping on the floor (or in our bed) so it wasn't a big deal for him. He is doing okay so far and I know Katy will make this transition just fine! If there are any bumps in the road, you will make adjustments/reassureher/etc. And we are all here to support YOU if it gets rough... Congrats on taking the plunge :)

Mommy Daisy said...

Aww, she looks so sweet and grown up now. We just moved Zachariah to a toddler bed before Christmas. He loves it. We haven't had a bit of problem, and he sleeps great in it.