Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Big Brother Alert

Not David, sillies.

Some of you also read Pam over at Life With Our Lads, and you know that she's having her 2nd baby today via scheduled c-section. Her family is in England, so she was planning to take her son Jack (one of Katy's very favorite people) to daycare as usual today while she went to the hospital. Well, there was a huge ice storm last night, and the day care is closed. So Jack is hanging out with us today while we await news of his new baby brother. I got a little teary when they were dropping him off just knowing what a huge day it is for their family. A good thing is that Brian's work is also closed, so there's an extra set of hands to help.

I'll leave the baby announcin' up to Pam...but hopefully we'll have some news later this morning!


Oma Froehle said...

Great picture! Is that waffles they are making????

Jack will make a great big brother. He can show the new kid the ropes!

Let us know when you hear from Pam and Craig.

Jen said...

Katy is looking so much more like a little girl now...beautiful!