Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Final Round at Grammy and Papa John's

We enjoyed a visit with Brian's family in Kentucky this weekend, which included our last round of Christmas '08. I love the joy that is seeing my kids at their grandparents' houses. They just flourish there, and love every minute of it.

Katy helped Grammy cook throughout the weekend, which is basically her idea of heaven (Grammy even lets her crack the eggs BY HERSELF).

No exceptions here, everyone gets help opening their presents.

This is David's "smile for the camera" face. And as usual, he's eating.

BFF's for the day: we celebrated Destiny's 9th birthday (Papa John's granddaughter), and she taught Katy to play hide n' seek.

After a whopping 4 days of wellness, David came down with ANOTHER cold. Gotta love the first winter.

And here's how we spent much of the weekend, chasing babies and balloons...


JD Long said...

Loved the video, that's super!

Jen said...

We can sure relate to the non-stop colds this season. Emmy has pretty much had a runny nose since October. I'll be so happy when spring gets here and hopefully everyone is well again.