Monday, January 05, 2009

Round 4

We had a really nice Christmas with my Dad's side of the family. Also, after my post last week, I wanted to say that I do really appreciate having so much family, and family that I want to spend time with, and that they are close enough that I can reasonably see all of them. Sometimes I feel sad that we don't have all of the grandparents right here in town to call at a moment's notice. That's the way it was when I was growing up and it was so great. But then I'm reminded of families like Giselle's whose closest relatives are 8.5 hours away so she can't see them all at Christmas. And THEN I'm reminded of families like Pam's, whose parents are on the other side of the ocean, so she only sees them once a year or so, and only if she has a couple thousand dollars to drop on plane tickets. So we are fortunate, we really are.

But anyway! My Dad's!

A great-grandma who handles 2 at once! (David has a leetle obsession with hair)

Reading books just to David? That aren't 2 years too old for him? What a novel concept!

Ever since we got home, Katy's been asking me to count these bracelets, " Spanish, Mommy." There are 12 bracelets, and unfortunately I only know how to count to 10 in Spanish. (I took French, 'lotta good that did me)

My Dad loves baseball. Always has. He was thrilled to find a baseball game for 9 month olds. So was David.


Mommy Daisy said...

So many fun Christmas festivites. Yeah!

P.S. 11- once (pronounced like Ohn-say) 12- doce (dos *like 2* A)

bluedaisy said...

Everyone looks so happy!! Great photos-love the one of your great grandma with the 2 kids and then the last one of your dad and David...too precious :)

Giselle said...

Wow! Katy's hair looks FABULOUS. She is such a pretty girl. And I almost snorted coffee out my nose about the "reading books to David that aren't 2 years older for him". Um...AMEN. Poor Michael has to listen to little chapter books. Or if it is just he and I...catalogs. No wonder he just wants to eat them. ;)

And the Spanish counting thing...I did take Spanish, so I have been doing pretty well. Until Andrew asked me to count to one hundred. Ugh...I had to get a kid's Spanish dictionary for that one. The library had a few...and they were really really fun. Maybe an idea?

And I didn't mean to sound all "poor me" about living far from family (if that is how it sounded). Everyone is given things in life they don't prefer. If the worst thing in my life is I have to travel to see my family...I'm doing pretty well. ;) Glad you enjoy your family so much too!

Pam said...

You are lucky and it's nice to see that you all appreciate one another. The good thing about me being away from my family is that we really make an effort. I talk to my mum more now than I ever did when I lived in England.
Great pictures of David & Katy. I have a feeling the kiddos will far surpass us in their language and computer skills....

Cindy said...

Emmy, love these latest photos, especially the one of your dad and Bubbo. He is the smiley-est baby EVER and of course your dad is lying down on the floor with him! I really enjoyed the photos - and I'm with Giselle - Katy's hair looks great! Love you