Thursday, January 01, 2009

Odd Place for a Typo...

Aunt Mel gave the kids this City Garage Heliport for Christmas, and they've both enjoyed playing with it in David's room. One of the features is that the letters on the white arch ("GARAGE") slide back and forth and spin like those pediatrician waiting room toys.

Cleverly, in the picture on the box, the letters spell, "Garage." But as you can see here on ours, the green letter in the middle is definitely an "E," not an "R." So we have a City Gaeage Heliport.

I guess it will be awhile before he notices.


Giselle said...

That is crazy! It would be better if it spelled any word at all...maybe that garage in Gaelic? I can just see David in Ireland 25 years from now searching for a place to park...and he'll see a sign and somehow understand what it means!

Kelsey said...

That is wild! How does something like that go unnoticed???