Monday, February 02, 2009

Funny (and not-so) Katy-isms

Lately Katy has been busting me right UP, and I feel this frantic need to record some of the things that she says. I know that in a couple of years I will look back and say, "Oh, she was so funny...what was it she used to say?" So even if just for posterity...

**Katy started calling various people "my friend," as in "Let's go see my friend Jack," or "That's my friend Brooklyn's house!" One evening after I had left to go to the grocery store, she asked Brian, "Where'd my friend Mommy go?"

**She also has 2 phrases that end many of her sentences: "I fink" and "or someping." For example, "We go to music class today, I fink." Also, "I wanna do my princess puzzle or someping."

**Nobody likes to hear a baby cry, especially when you're strapped into a car seat right next to the culprit, with limited emotional resources to deal with it. So every time David makes a squawk in the car, Katy screams at the top of her lungs until he stops. If he stops for 10 seconds to catch his breath, she stops, but as soon as he starts, she's screaming. This makes for some fun car rides.

**To cut down on the all-day whining for snacks and videos, we've made a chart to help Katy keep track of whether she can have these things. (She gets one morning snack, one video, one bear-shaped vitamin, and one healthy snack per day, marked off with stickers). She's gotten so accustomed to my reminding her to check her chart when she asks for something, now she says, "Mommy, I'm going to ask my chart if I can have a video," and goes running into the kitchen to see.

**One day when our friend Brett was here, Katy coerced him into a letter-finding game, in which he would request a letter of the alphabet, and she would retrieve the appropriate letter magnet from the refrigerator. After a few rounds of this, Brett said, "Good job, Katy! Did your Mommy teach you the letters?" She did not hesitate to reply, "NO! I learned them on my video!"
**While Katy is working on puzzles (a very favorite activity), she picks up every piece and says, "OH! I found a good one!"
**If we ever wonder what we sound like as Katy's parents, all we have to do is listen to her talk to Blankie up in her room. She takes Blankie through all the routines, with verbal instructions: "Now Blankie, this is your big girl bed. After we say our prayers, you lay down and go to sleep. And you do NOT GET UP."
**There are two things in this world that Katy cannot get enough of: swimming and music. As for music, she has her favorite CD's (which I am working on getting onto my new iPod), but there is one song that she sings louder and with more joy than all the others. It's from a worship CD for kids that my mom gave us, and of course Katy's favorite part is the incessant LaLa's.
**Finally, I have a little video. This will make a lot more sense if you know Laurie Berkner's My Energy. And I feel incredibly guilty that you can hear David crying in the background. I don't usually ignore my son, but I was so excited that Katy was finally singing for the camera!


bluedaisy said...

It's great to be able to document all these little moments, isn't it? Katy is absolutely adorable!

Weed said...


(Rachel learned her letters from that video too....I used to feel guilty, but then I just decided I was glad she learned them!)

Pam said...

Great stuff from Katy!
It's surprising how quickly the TV guilt goes away when you need to do housework isn't it ...

JD Long said...

I love the la-la bit. My daughter has taken to calling music simply 'la-la.' She'll bring me the remote control to the stereo and say 'la-la' when she wants music.

Oma Froehle said...

I fink she is a cutie! And that musical interest is awesome . . . you go, girl!