Saturday, August 31, 2013

Phone pics

I forgot to include a couple of pictures from Brian's phone that I wanted to share.

It seems to go in waves, but lately the kids have been outside playing with neighbor kids a lot. In the backyard, we have some neighbor kids David and Luke's age who are living there just for the next 6 months or so, and they've been playing together a ton. But then in the front yard, our street is full of big kids (that's where the waves come in). Sometimes it seems like they are all gone and busy for long periods of time and no one is outside. But then we have a few really sweet middle school aged boys who will humor my boys here and there playing with them. Somehow the playing always involves wrestling or fighting of some type. One night it was swords and light sabers. (In the street with adult supervision, of course)

That face is priceless!

Another night, Brian got last minute free tickets to Columbus Clippers minor league baseball game so he took the big kids. This new stadium was just built a few years ago and it's a really fun and social atmosphere (so I hear...I've yet to go). They had a blast and Brian was glad they went, even if they didn't get home until 9:30 on a school night. Some memories are worth it!! 

What was incredibly random was that we didn't realize until the next day that my mom and Greg were at the same game! I was even texting with my mom that night and neither of us mentioned it so they didn't see each other. Still wrapping our minds around this whole living-in-the-same-town thing.

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