Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Buckeye Games and Young's Dairy

For the first Buckeye game of the season, we got the kids excited with a couple of new games. First, we had been to a cookout where they played cornhole, and on the way home Brian said, "I think I have everything I need at the house to build a cornhole set." Within 24 hours,  we were proud owners.

Not regulation spacing. (I kid not, there are regulations.)

Also, a few years back, I won this game called Football Guys on a giveaway blog (I got to pick which team I wanted).  At the time the kids were too small for it, and I kept waiting for it to be an appropriate birthday or Christmas gift, but the timing was never right with football season. This year I just decided to give it to them during the first game. They really got into it, and the instructions get into some pretty detailed stuff that is over my head about setting up plays, etc. Kinda cool.

On Labor Day, we met my Dad and Sue at Young's Dairy, and BONUS - they were having a wristband special that allowed us to do all kinds of fun things for $6 per kid. Note to future self: go to Young's Dairy on Labor Day weekend.

What happens when your kid is playing and you say, "Luke!" to get his attention.

Can you believe it? A perfect set!

She was cracking up.

My Dad is in heaven. And you better believe that Grandpa took a turn in those cages to "show them how it's done."

Luke prefers golf so the balls aren't flying at your head.

Mobile garden.

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cindy said...

love all the pics and special highlight of Young's! lClearly you were meant to have 4 kids so as to fit perfectly in the Young's photo opp! Is your honeymoon pic still on the wall? So much history there.