Friday, August 30, 2013

See Mom Sweat

School is in full swing! Every September I have this same feeling because all the usual stuff (Girl Scouts and Awana at church) is starting up and it's all new and busy and then SOCCER. Soccer (and now TWO kids in soccer with different practice and games schedules) is making my head spin. But I have to remind myself that everything that I'm stressing about is only 5 weeks long on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays between 5:30-8pm. So we're talking about a maximum 40 hours of craziness. It'll be ok, and the kids are loving it.

Two themes for David right now: Proud of Himself and Exhausted.

Here he is on his first official first day, with his full class, the whole 2.5 hours, etc. He was NERVOUS - looked terrified as he was walking into the building in his line.

We were the first ones there...this group is not nearly as prompt as the PM class two years ago.

But so far (knocking on wood, fingers crossed, etc), he is doing really well. He really likes it, and every new thing he does, he comes home and tells me about his new accomplishment that he is so proud of. And he says he has friends, but he can't tell me any of their names. One night at dinner, I was asking him to describe just one of his friends to me...anything about them...boy or color...anything. David's eyes glazed over and Brian said, "If he's anything like me you are killing him right now." *sigh* So I'll give him some space.

He's coming home with some unfinished work - but I'm not clear if he is a slow worker or if they aren't expected to finish or if they are supposed to finish at home? Got our first newsletter today, so I'm hoping we're on the road to clearing things up.

I was SUPER proud of him for being the first kid in his class to get on BLUE (for being a superior listener) and get to pick a prize. Then he did it again today - keep up the good work Bubs!

And he's hilarious about soccer - just so proud of each new lightbulb that goes on. Sometimes he dances around the ball, and sometimes he's getting in there to play. Either way, it's a structured way for him to burn some energy. Win.  But he's so tired. He plays hard every morning, goes to school every afternoon, and then has soccer two nights a week. He's napping on the weekends to keep from melting down.

Now it's time for the preschoolers to get started...

Landon (Beth and Jason's son) and Luke are buds.

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Kelsey said...

Glad to hear things are going well. Our schedule feels crazy right now, too. And I only have TWO children. Hope you are doing well!