Sunday, August 11, 2013

School starts in two days: photo dump!

Summer has given the boys a lot of bonding time. They did not actually sleep, but even pretending is nice for a few minutes.

Mini-golf with Grandpa and Grandma Sue (at a former teenage stomping ground of mine)

So nice and shady - truly pleasant!
So competitive.

Hanging out with Great Grandma Martha

One afternoon they all wanted to skate at the same time. You other mamas know this represents 20 minutes of sweat to get all this equipment on. But worth it for this cuteness.

All Aunt Mel wants for her birthday is a homemade dinner and for my mom to make a cake. Done.

Annual trip to the zoo and Jungle Jack's Landing. The new attraction this year is Dinosaur Island. I didn't have high expectations for it, but it was the kids' favorite activity of the day, and Brian said it was actually pretty impressive. (Yes, the dinosaurs are spitting on them. Eww.)

My trooper of a husband. I didn't get a wrist band for me because Anna couldn't ride anything so I had to stay with her. He enjoys some of the rides but we're getting a little old for the spinning ones, you know what I'm sayin'?

Clutch. Poor baby was so good.

We were really proud of Luke and David. Katy is fearless and we knew she would ride anything (roller coaster, log ride, swinging pirate ship, bumper cars, you name it). But David got up his courage and rode everything that Katy rode - he was nervous to do the roller coaster but ended up going alone 4 times in a row when no one else was in line. And Luke - we almost didn't buy him a wrist band because he tends to be really timid and I wondered if he would just refuse to ride anything. But if Brian went with him, he rode everything that he was tall enough to ride. I couldn't believe it! Even the swings. He never wanted to ride anything a second time, though. :)

For part of the day, Luke, Anna and I went and did some calmer rides (train, carousel) and see some animals while the big kids rode their hearts out on all the bigger rides. He was really good, especially since he skipped his nap. We got our traditional Culver's afterward and he fell asleep in the car at 4pm on the way home.

Teething much? She kept opening her mouth and chomping toward his hat.


Pam said...

Loved the photos!

Kelsey said...

Love the photo dump - and you were literally right down the street from me!!!

Michael calls it "his" golf course. Miss you and hope you guys are well.