Friday, August 16, 2013

BIG week

So much has happened this week!

On Monday, after several attempts throughout the summer, David finally "clicked" with riding a two wheeler.

He then became OBSESSED with riding his bike, wanting to be outside every possible minute. Within 24 hours, he was starting on his own, braking to stop, making sharp turns, up and down hills like a pro. I great-big-puffy-heart this video, because this was one of the first times that he rode it for a really long time without stopping, and you can hear it in his voice that he is amazed at himself and so proud. Halfway through he says, "Maybe I really CAN ride it to school!" (I had told him on the first day he would need some more practice before we rode across streets and around the neighborhood traffic.)

On Tuesday, Katy took a bite of breakfast and started shrieking about her front tooth that was about to fall out. Ten minutes later she asked me to just pull it because it was driving her crazy.

So on Wednesday, the first day of school, she went with a huge empty space in the front of her mouth. LOVE. 

 And even though the boys didn't start that day, I like to take a picture of them all together.

She had a really good first couple of days. She loves her kind-hearted teacher, sits right across from a good little buddy of hers, and has had no hesitation about going in the mornings. We walked on the first day, but after that, she is getting a morning ride from a family around the corner, and then I'm walking my kids home everyday and their kids home 2 days a week. I'll still be walking David everyday after lunch, so I'm going to the building 2 times instead of 3. 

Well-worn path.
On Thursday, Anna started sitting up next to her basket of toys (which she uses for a little bit of balance). This seems to make her so happy and I love getting those pictures of them with their new perspective when they start sitting up. (Sorry for some of the blur)

Also on Thursday, both Katy and David started soccer practice for fall. It's going to be a bit of divide and conquer because their practices and games will overlap nights, but they both seem to be on great teams (meaning the families are great and have the right attitude about 5 and 7 year old soccer), and they both love it. Katy is excited because she's old enough to be on an all-girls' team. And David was once again SO proud of himself - loved putting on the shin guards and cleats, and he was right in the pack chasing the ball. On the way there he asked me, "Mom, what's soccer all about?" and "When will they tell me who is on my team?"
Bless it. 

So then Friday, it's time for David's gentle start for kindergarten! He goes in a small group for a shorter period of time to get to know the teacher and the classroom. He was scared, he told me, about what they were going to do. And I think he was nervous because he really wants to show people that he can do things, so he is worried they will want him to do something (like write his name) and he will have trouble. I told him over and over that he's going to school to learn those things, they do not expect him to already know them. Oh, Bubs! Such a sweet heart and I want to protect it.

He really was ready to ride his bike to school by this time, and that made him really really happy.

There were several changes in his teacher assignment because they were shifting kindergarten teachers all around the district (the half-day thing means that happens a lot). He ended up with a new teacher who is fresh out of school, but she subbed in the building last year. And get this: she was hired 3 days before school started. So she seems very nice and I think she'll be great, but the poor girl has a little bit of deer-in-the-headlights syndrome right now.

He was very quiet and shy at first, then he sat down and drew a picture of "a shark." Then I left him to do his best on his own.

He said he had a great time! The highlight was that he got to sit in the cafeteria with Katy and having a popsicle on the playground for completing his summer homework packet. Here's hoping for a good year for both of them.

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