Monday, October 25, 2010

Poll: New Blog Name!!

Several of  you have commented recently that I need to update the name of the blog. Indeed! I've been pondering and debating and wringing my hands for months.

So... I am indecisive and I need your help. I have come up with several names for the blog, but none of them are sticking out, and I worry that some of them are lame. So I'm going to put a poll in the sidebar over there, and I want YOU (yes, YOU! Even if you have never ever ever commented before, please!) to click over to the blog if you are reading in a reader, and vote. I also welcome comments or suggestions for names I haven't thought of. The poll allows you to pick more than one if you can't decide.

In case you haven't been reading here long, this blog was originally called "Katydid." After David's birth, I switched it, but I have never been happy with the new name (it was supposed to be like, "Live with Regis and Kelly" but I fear that many didn't get that). I've actually been looking forward to the addition of a family member so I could change it. Hence my hesitancy on the new name. I'd like this name to be IT.

I'm not 100% sure if I will PICK the name that wins the poll. But I will weight the winner with great consideration.

Please! You!! Vote!!!

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Oma Froehle said...

"None of the above"? I'm not fond of these . . . but I am one of the people who didn't 'get' Live with Katy and David. (Oh, well!)

Brainstorming . . .

"Blue-Eyed Babies"
"Times to Remember . . . Mostly"
"Buckeye Babes"
"Carseat Capers"

Oh, well. These aren't too stellar either.

Love, Oma