Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall Fun: Farm Festival and Pumpkin Picking

With Grandpa and Grandma Sue! This was a delightfully small festival that was perfect for the attention spans of my children. A few games and activities, pumpkins and apples. My only beef is this: if you claim that the festival has lots of free activities for children, you need to CLEARLY MARK when something is not free. Otherwise your kid is knee-deep in scarecrow straw before you realize that it costs $10. *Ahem*

(Note: This is still the old camera.)

Scarecrow building - David quickly abandoned


Family Project

Grandma Sue redirected David to candle dipping. What's wrong with it?

Still unsure about this thing...

But lovin' the bunny-ish candle

He refused to pick one...even with the threat of "we'll pick it for you." Gosh I love two year olds.

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Oma Froehle said...

LOL! Great candle! I wish he had made one for me. I'd cherish it.

Katy (and Mom and Dad) did a good job on the scarecrow. Where was Luke?