Saturday, October 09, 2010

For Which I am GR8FUL

Within days of getting the soul-urge to start a gratitude journal, two things happened: first, I received a free, decorative notebook at a church meeting, and second, I saw a license plate that said "GR8FUL." I don't know if you believe in signs, but this is enough to get me started.

Know what I've learned in my photography class? You shouldn't even attempt to take pictures in this light. Look at those shadows! So now I notice the flaws in my pictures. How to fix them, however...

But I am extremely fortunate. Oh, these kiddos. Wherever we go in public, some will turn their heads and smile. Small children have that effect on people. They're so cute, so innocent, so bright eyed. Every errand is an adventure. Every meal an opportunity. Every interaction a learning experience.

So I'm still tired. Last night I got up 3 times (much improved over 6). But this is a phase. It will pass. And there are as many sweet and precious times as there are challenging ones. I'm trying my best to focus on those.


On a different note, my final project for photography class is to tell a story with 3 pictures - far, medium, and close up. I'm not sure if I'm going to use this one as "it," but I like it enough to share it here.


Marie Green said...

I like your 3 story photos! And I wish I could find a photography class around here that was hands-on. The ones I took that came with my camera purchase were all power-point. We didn't touch our cameras the whole time. I learned a little, but I would learn more if they showed me HOW to do things than then I had to DO them, ya know?

Kelsey said...

Hey Em! I don't know if I mentioned this anywhere else, but I am a huge believer in the power of a gratitude journals. I hope it is going well. I actually tend to get to mine in fits and starts, but I also believe some is better than none!