Saturday, May 08, 2010


I started this post almost two weeks ago. I'm just having a really hard time getting organized or coherent thought together. Many of you know that this past month has been a difficult one for my family, and this spring is looking quite different than we anticipated. I only posted 4 times in April, which is the lowest since I started this blog. But there's still a ton of stuff going on, so I'm hoping that getting some of it down will help me to jump start back into a routine of writing.


Baby boy is still chugging along nicely, due to arrive in five and a half weeks. One day this week I had no fewer than five people tell that there was no way I would make it that long (based on the size of my belly). The only problem with that is that it gives me this little glimmer of hope about going early. And history says I ain't goin' early.

We still don't have a name picked out. We still don't know where the baby will sleep (I think we'll wait and see what kind of sleeper he is). We don't have any clothes washed or any baby items brought up from the basement. But I'm still not stressed about it. I feel like I have tons of time. I think I'm afraid, once again, that getting everything out will get my hopes up that the baby will come sooner than June 16th.

Also, by this time with David's pregnancy, I was in a ton of pain with both sciatica and carpal tunnel that kept me up at night. I've discovered this time that wearing running shoes all the time significantly reduced the sciatica pain (although lowering my fashion score). And for whatever reason, I'm not having carpal tunnel - yet! So I'm thankful for that. I'm so tired I can hardly see straight, but I know it could be worse.


Katy was talking about who she wanted to invite to her birthday party (read: everyone, if she had her wish), and she paused and asked, "Can I invite dogs to my birthday party?" I asked, "Dogs? Which dogs?" "Like Olive and Frisco..." (two dogs on our street). Apparently she considers them friends.


I had a Girls' Night one night and some of the corresponding men got together for a "playdate" while we were out (would've loved to have been a fly on the wall for that one). When I went in to get David from his nap that afternoon, Katy burst into the room and said, "David! We're going to Emmaline's house to eat pizza with the daddies!" and David responded, "Ride Daddy's car!?!? Wow!!! Coooool!"


My seasonal allergies are as bad as they have ever been. I had never had them until a couple of years ago (I feel like they were brought on by pregnancy - is that possible?). Since I'm not a veteran in this area, I'm wondering how long they will last.


Part of my fatigue is fed by the reduction in Katy's nap. She goes up to her room everyday for "quiet time," but she only falls asleep about 30-40% of the time. On the one hand, I don't mind the days that she doesn't nap, because she goes to bed in the evening so much more easily. On the the other hand, only having about 45 minutes of break from her - not even enough time to complete my work - is wearing on me. She comes back down and I'll set her up on some activity to try and keep her busy for a while longer so I can finish my job. Maybe about twice a week (including weekends), the stars will align so that I can lay down for a little bit.


One of the therapists at the office works part time because she has a baby. She offered to cover my maternity leave. I haven't said anything to anyone at work, but part of me wonders if she would be interested in taking over permanently. I really have such a great set up with my little part time job that I hate to give it up. But it seems to get harder and harder to find time to do it, and I'm sure adding a third will make that even more difficult. Things would definitely be tighter without that income, less wiggle room for sure. But after this baby comes, we may have to weigh the importance of that wiggle room versus my sanity.


I just started going to a new eye doctor because I needed contacts, and they are having trouble finding a contact that fits properly (i.e. doesn't make it look like I'm seeing the world through a shower door). So I'm going back there almost weekly until it's straightened out. Add that to the fact that I'm about to start weekly OB checks and I had to subscribe to Brian's google calendar to keep it all straight.


This coming week is Katy's last week of preschool. Say what?!? I'm in denial about it. I feel a little nervous because we've gotten accustomed to having activities to keep us all busy during the week, and in the summer we won't have any of that AND we'll have a baby that makes getting out more difficult. So I've signed up for a few little "camps" and I'm hoping we'll get to the pool quite a bit. Who knows what this is going to be like. I do like having babies when the weather is nice, because at least you can get out in the yard if nothing else.


Weed said...

Is the doctor one who told you you won't go the full 5 1/2 weeks? I hope so! :) Maybe our babies will be closer in age than we thought!

I'm with you about dreading the end of preschool. Rachel's not out until the beginning of June, but I know she's going to be stir crazy, especially since we'll be home even more at first because of the baby. I'm looking into some VBS programs and hope to do lots of library story times. I saw one at your library that I might sign her up for--starts in July--maybe we could do it together again. I know Rachel would love seeing Katy.

bluedaisy said...

Lots of things going on over there! I felt the same way about getting things ready for baby- you don't feel like everything is so urgent the 3rd time around. You'll get out what you need & the rest will come as needed. I sympathize with you on the nap time- I cherish it and have managed to keep Michael napping 80% of the time but not sure how much longer I can swing that! If I can keep quiet time going, I will be a happy girl! Feel good and try to rest when you can--almost there :)

Pamela said...

My word you've had a lot to deal with this last couple of months! I feel like I haven't seen you in ages and I'm shocked the baby will be here so soon!
Jack dropped his nap last year and does quiet time for Linda but not me - he knows how to lay the working-out-of-the-home mum guilt on me. Those few moments of quiet really do make a difference don't they.