Wednesday, May 19, 2010

She's Four!

To my dear baby girl,

You have been anticipating this day for months. With three previous birthdays under your belt, you are well aware of the excitement of a borthday. There's cake, there are presents, and there's good times. And for the second year in a row, there's a trip to the zoo.

Even though it poured a steady rain during the 20 minute drive to meet Grandpa and Grandma Sue at the zoo, your enthusiasm did not wane. You strapped on your jacket and popped up the umbrella and got those sandals wet. That's the joy of being four. Life is fun. Every day is a new adventure.

My overreaching impression of you right now is that you are SO. BIG. But the irony is, you are quite petite, even for your age. Several times in the last few weeks, strangers have asked me if you and your brother are twins. You are barely taller than he is, but the difference between 2 and 4 is eons. And what you lack in size you make up in personality.

I feel like I should be sad that you are becoming such a big girl, but it is so enjoyable to see you grow up that I can't help but love it. I am fascinated by the person you are becoming. This morning you buckled your sandals for the first time by yourself and you declared, "Mommy! Now that I'm 4, I can put my sandals on!" So proud of yourself.

I also love the bond that I have with you as my daughter. This morning you came and crawled into bed with me, since we weren't as rushed to get ready. I love you so dearly and can't wait for all of the years ahead that I get to spend with you.

You are so genuinely excited for the new baby that will be joining our family in a few short weeks. You have told us that you will take care of him, although you understand that you will need some help with a few things. When Oma asked if she could hold him when she comes, you decided reluctantly, "For a minute."

David is quickly becoming your best friend. The two of you are playing every kind of game together. Your favorite of the moment is "doctor." You also love Cootie, coloring books, writing letters, and riding your bike. And of course, you love to pick up one of David's matchbox cars and run away so he'll chase after you screaming, "NO, Key!! My tar!!"

This year has been a big one for you. Since your last birthday, you've become potty accident-free (for the most part), completed a year of preschool, made huge strides in overcoming your fear of physicians, and slept in regular beds even for travel. You have friends, you moved to a new house (which you now ask when we'll move to the next New House), and you can write your name. You are more reasonable in your emotional reactions to things that don't go your way. That's a nice way of saying that you aren't nearly as difficult to deal with as you were a year ago. (No offense, baby girl, I think most parents of four year olds would say the same thing.)

I do feel a little nervous when I imagine what next year will be like on your fifth birthday. We'll be getting ready for kindergarten, with two active little brothers under your feet. But if that is as precious as this year has been, I can't wait. Every year as your mom gets better and better. You are my wonderful little spitfire of a baby girl.
I love you,


Charity said...

Happy Birthday, Katy!

Mommy Daisy said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday Katy! 4 is pretty awesome!

Pamela said...

Happy Birthday Katie!!! Jack can't wait to see you and has made you a card. X

bluedaisy said...

Beautifully written! Happy Birthday Katie :)