Friday, May 14, 2010


It's officially garage sale season, and my kids are quickly becoming garage sale veterans. On most Friday mornings, we scout a few, and they sit in the back seat and shout useful things like, "There's one, Mom!" "That one doesn't have much kid's stuff, mom!," and, "Do you see anything that we need, Mom?" Need is a relative term, you know.


Somewhere along the road of language development, David starting putting the word "said" at the end of about half of his requests. It's a form of emphasis, derived from "I said." But he says it even the first time he tells you. For example, "Want a juice pop, Said!", "Go outside, ride bikes, Said!", or "Watch Dora, Said!"


Katy had her last day of preschool this week, which was bittersweet. She had such a good year this year, as documented in the memory book her teachers made for her. One of her teachers commented on Katy's aspirations to either be a doctor or make tacos at Chipotle. She is completely torn between the two, and has asked me multiple times if she can do both. I tell her absolutely. In fact, she will have to make quite a few tacos to pay her way through medical school.


Until recently, David has had a hard time remembering all the different names that we call the grandparents. You have to admit: it's hard to keep Grandpa, Gradndma Sue, Oma, Opa, Grammy, Papa John, Great Grandma Martha, Great Granny, Great Grandpa, and Great Grandma G all straight. In the last few visits, he has started to remember which are which, but the pronunciation isn't perfectly clear. Or at least not perfectly accurate, like Oma for example. He knows who he means, and clearly calls her "Obama." We'll ask, "Who's in this picture at the beach, David?" He'll answer, "Mommy, Daddy, David, and Obama!" "Who gave you that car, David?" "Obama!" He sees a car that's the same make and model as my mom's: "Obama's car!"


Weed said...

Those are funny. So cute that she is equally as passionate about making tacos and being a doctor. Over the last few weeks Rachel has said she's going to be a vet, a "discovery person" (like Dora and Diego), and someone who learns about bugs and has a "bug journal" (I told her it was called an entymologist...she wasn't impressed). Thing is, she's scared of most animals AND bugs!

Charity said...

Maybe David's on to something calling it "Obama's car."

Pamela said...

Katy's aspirations are great. Jack wants to be an astronaut and a pirate!
The whole "said" thing with David is funny - they just have their own way of doing things don't they. Being a specialist in this area - what do you think about it?
Oh yes, the grandparent thing. My kids have 3 pairs and it gets confusing Thankfully I have Nan, Nana and Grandma to set them apart.
By the way - we RSVP'd with Brian, so we are coming. Looking forward to seeing you all. XXX

Oma Froehle said...

LOL! If Obama would pay for the new tires I put on my car, it sure would help me out! The thing that impressed me is that David RECOGNIZES an HHR apart from the hundreds of mini's and SUV's out there. He can call me whatever he likes . . . we are buddies.

Katy is a specialist in eyebrows in the medical arena. I'm not sure that requires a doctorate. It may be more of a cosmetology thing.