Friday, September 25, 2009

Rambling on a Friday

*Katy has a book about Autumn, and ever since spring, she's been asking me when she can play in the leaves in "adam." Our new back yard is now covered in leaves, and you would think it was covered in candy.

*After listening to the Wiggles in the car for 60 days straight, we have instituted a new system. Every day it's someone's turn: today it's David's, tomorrow will be mine (oh, glory day!), next day, Brian's, then Katy's. Katy balked at first, but now she's totally down with it, and it's glorious. We honor Daddy's turn even when he's not in the car. Daddy likes it quiet, or on occasion, sports radio. On David's turn, I select two CD's that I can stomach, and let him point to the one he wants. So basically, I'm only listening to Wiggles 1/4 days.

*We borrowed a GPS for our Chicago trip last weekend, and it was incredible. For someone as directionally challenged as I am, I could get used to having one of those (hint, hint). The only thing that surprised me was that I thought it would work well in the big city, but it actually has a hard time finding a signal. But I'm in big cities maybe once a decade, so no big deal.

*We were also looking at a folding map (remember those) of our area the other day, and noticed that a road that we drive on nearly every day was marked as a dotted line that said, "proposed 1998". Since neither of us lived here prior to '99, we looked at each other and said, a) I can't believe that road didn't used to be there, and b) we need a new map.

*David's latest discovery is that he enjoys splashing his hands around in the toilet water. The first time I found him doing this it was after Katy had used the potty and neglected to flush (pause for shudder). Now I have to keep all bathroom doors closed at all times, because if you leave for 2 seconds to grab a towel out of the linen closet: BAM! hands in the toilet. So THAT'S why they make those toilet lid locks.

*We're also having some potty setbacks. I know my sister-in-law (hi Kelly!) said that her girls did this same thing, but it is REALLY frustrating me. Several times a day, Katy goes into the bathroom to go potty, goes, and then claims that she needs new panties because hers are wet (which they are). It's like she waits until she goes a little bit in her underwear before she goes to the bathroom. ARGH!!!! When will this potty thing ever stop being a challenge? In time for kindergarten? (the good news, knock on wood, is that she has stayed dry at school so far)

*Yesterday when I picked Katy up from preschool, one of her teachers said (in a sincere but lighthearted tone), "Oh, I just love Katy. She's my little spitfire." I cringed a little and said, "Ooooo...spitfire? That could be good or bad." and she just answered, "I just love her." Oh, how I wish I could be a fly on the wall! She has a fieldtrip in a couple of weeks and then open house in a month, so I hope to get further insight into how she's doing.

*I've picked up just a tad more responsibility at work, with the potential for a little more beyond this (I'm taking over one thing at a time to make sure it isn't overload). So far it's going fine. The hours are picking back up after being down a little over the summer.

*I'm going to take some pictures and videos this weekend of the kids - they are growing and changing so quickly. We are in a Book Phase right now. Both of the kids are loving books and want to read constantly. We got a new batch at the library this week (including Halloween books - I'm no longer a rookie mom and I know to get them in September) and we could sit and read books for hours (not that we ever have that much time or attention span). David is really interested, too. He wants to sit in your lap and point to pictures and when you finish he turns back to the front, "ree?" (read it again).

*I've started taking 2 exercise classes per week - 1 step aerobics (which I know is kind of 80's, but I still love it, and it's such a good workout and you don't have to know dance steps), and 1 yoga. This is the first yoga class I've taken. And I love it. I carry my stress in my body and hold really really tight. Yoga feels good the whole time and then for the rest of the day. During the 5 minute relaxation at the end, I always fall asleep (on my back on the hard floor? I must be exhausted).

*Speaking of exhausted, after Katy's wake-up times kept getting earlier and earlier (approaching 5 am), we created a ghetto version of the Okay to Wake clock. We wrote a "7" on a 3 by 5 card and taped it to a digital clock, covering the minutes. We told Katy that she couldn't get out of bed until the hour matched the 7. At first we had to fudge the time on the clock so that it said 7 even when it was 6:30, but we kept pushing it up until now, after only 1 tantrum, she's staying in her room (sleeping?) until 7. Shew. Now I can get up and shower before she gets up and I have a few minutes to catch my breath.

Have a good weekend!


Kelly said...

Aah, yes..the potty regression. At least you know it's normal, at least for the Mowery's! My only additional thoughts on the subject would be that I, myself, wet my pants AT SCHOOL in first grade, Carrie did it this summer, and Leah's best friend did it last year in their kindergarten class, so I can't promise you'll be out of the woods by then. Sorry. Sometimes you may prefer NOT to know what the next stage is like!

We did the clock thing too at about 3 and a 1/2 and it was a BIG improvement!!

I plan to call you soon about Thanksgiving plans!

Mommy Daisy said...

Speaking of clocks, that reminded me of one I've seen for younger kids. has clocks with "wake up" colors and "stay in bed" colors on it.

Lately when Zachariah's gotten up too early, we told him he has to stay in bed until it's light out. It works for now. He seems to go in spurts with his wake up times.