Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Turned the Corner

During the past 4 days (FOUR!) that my 3 children have had a terrible stomach bug, I've thought many times about posting. But first, I couldn't find the time between rubbing backs and holding hair and changing sheets and rinsing buckets to find the time to do it. And second, a part of me knew that it probably wasn't best. It wouldn't have been a very pleasant post because I wasn't in a good state of mind.

I've changed my perspective on the stomach flu. In the past, I've always thought: well, yes, it's gross and incredibly contagious, but at least it passes quickly and you're done with it until next year! Well, apparently, that isn't true. We got it twice in one winter, and both times it carried on and on for days and days. Even Melanie, a stomach flu medal-earning veteran, said she had never had it like the kids have had it this week. Awful.

But finally we have turned the corner today. No big messes to clean out of cribs in the morning. No moaning and crying and screaming (no, seriously, blood curdling screaming) in pain for hours and hours. The doctor said, "Wow, normally I would tell you to go straight to the ER, because that's appendicitis, but they can't ALL have appendicitis." Ugh. He also said that the stomach flu is just super strong this year and lasting longer than normal. When I called Katy's school to say that she'd be out, they said, "everyone with the stomach bug is missing at least 3 days."

Today is a bonus day at home for Katy. She probably could have gone to school, but I wanted to make absolutely certain she wouldn't be feeling bad, because our challenges at school have been so intense lately and I didn't want to add to her fears and anxieties. David hasn't passed the 24 hour rule yet, but he's so much better today that I think he's on his way. And Luke was more of the traditional 36 hour bug, but it takes his system awhile to regulate.

So thankful that Anna didn't get sick (knock on wood!). So thankful that the adults didn't get sick. So thankful that Brian's work is flexible so he was able to move some things around and be at home some.

I enrolled David in kindergarten last night. It will be so nice to have two of them in the same building next year! Even though David will only be half days...

David and Anna had well visits in the midst of this illness, so here are some stats:

David at 5 years: 42 pounds (65 %'ile), 43.25" (65%'ile)  - so proportionate. :)

Anna at 2 months: 11 pounds, 2 ounces (50%'ile), 22.25" (40%'ile)

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