Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tidbits: Deliver Us From the Stomach Bug edition

- I really thought that we adults had escaped this time. But alas, I gave into the stomach bug, again, this weekend. Spent the better part of 3 days in bed. While my saint of a husband took care of 4 kids and one sick mommy, including bringing the baby to me every time she was hungry (nursing with stomach flu - not my favorite).  But I'm much better now, and I'm really ready to move on from this piece of evil, so please, please, please, may Brian and Melanie be spared, for the love!! We've got lots of plans starting this weekend, so if there is a bright side to all of this, I hope it is that we'll be healthy as horses for spring break! *please!*

- My mom is in contract on a house that is ONE MILE from ours. Amazing. I love the location. Her house in Pittsburgh is getting all fixed up and will be on the market this coming weekend. She isn't feeling well today and I am really hoping that we didn't get her sick in the brief time that we saw her last week. :(

- My friend Kate and I were just talking last week about how our almost 5 year old boys had ZERO interest in coloring, and always only scribbled across the page and ran off to play. About two days later, David opened a superhero coloring book that we've owned for at least a year, colored Iron Man, and was SO proud of himself that he continued to do another one, and another one and another. Half an hour later I walked by the fridge and it looked like this:

But he won't color anything else. Just superheros.

I was especially impressed with the smiling sunshine over Iron Man's shoulder.

- Luke's potty training is back to ground zero. Literally. He had some veeeeeerrrrryyyy unfortunate accidents while he had The Bug, which led to wearing a diaper for a couple of days. He was having frequent accidents before, but after that it was all over. Took the diaper back off and he just peed and pooped in his clothes all day long and never ever sat on the potty. So. Back to square one - December 1st, 2012. Naked. Set the timer. Make him sit on the potty every hour. Progress.

- Katy's had a good week at school. We're not worry-free but I'm hoping we're climbing out of the hole.

- Anna has changed so much! And we've been too sick to capture it! So extra attention for her...

A beautiful smile. I love that moment when she's done nursing and she just smiles and smiles and smiles at me. It's like she's just daring me to try to put her down now that I'm holding her.

That scab on her forehead is from Luke dropping a monster truck on her face. Poor baby sister.

Practicing sitting up - she likes to do pilates moves on her back - they look like ab crunches. And when she's in the mood - she imitates facial expressions - it's amazing! Sticks her tongue out when you do, tries to blow raspberries when you do, etc.

And her most impressive goal - trying to get that thumb in her mouth! She's been working on it constantly lately, and getting better every day. The pacifier won't be around much longer.

Another thing that won't be around much longer...she's going to outgrow the bassinet in the next few weeks. I have mixed feelings - I like having her so close at night, but it's really crowded in our room with the extra furniture (bassinet, glider, dresser). And just as difficult as moving her to her room is moving Luke in with the big kids. I'm not sure how he's going to do. (for example, he likes it pitch black and they like a light on.)  But in a few months I'm sure the new set up will seem normal and everyone will be sleeping as well as they were before (right?).

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bluedaisy said...

Fingers crossed that you are all done with the sickies. It's just time for a break for you all! I hope that the school stuff has settled down and that Luke's potty training picks back up.
Anna's onesie is adorable, David's coloring is awesome! Let's hope spring brings some easier times for everyone :)