Saturday, March 09, 2013

Spoke Too Soon

Katy came into our room at 2am and said she couldn't sleep because she couldn't find Blankie. Just as I got up to go looking - I heard a huge *thud* and David screaming. He had fallen out of bed and busted his lip. It's pretty fat today.

Brian got in bed with him to settle him down and Katy said her belly was hurting so I let her stay with me (she is terrified of vomiting every since our Christmas stomach flu episode). As soon as Brian came back, David came in saying his mouth hurt. I got up at 4 to feed the baby and laid her back down in at 5:30. At 6:15 Katy got up screaming guessed it...another stomach bug.


She threw up every 30 minutes until 3pm. Missed Father Daughter Bowling with her Girl Scout Troop. And chanted all day "Mommy, Mommy...make it stop! Please!!!! Pray for me!!" (yes, she was screaming at me to pray for her.)

At 5:00, while I went for a walk around the block to catch my breath - David gave in.

I know this isn't the right reaction, but I am struggling with a bit of anger. This isnt' FAIR. We've done our time with the Stomach Flu for this year. Two whole weeks. AT CHRISTMAS!!!!! And we've had various other illnesses for the past month. And we have a newborn!!! UNCLE!!!

But I know in the grand scheme of big deal. It's a stomach bug. In a few days, it will (hopefully) be over. But dear Lord, I am not in a good mood. We'd love a break. Please!!!

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bluedaisy said...

Oh Emily- this is awful! I am so sorry that you are in vomit fairy land (I hate her!!). You are all MOST deserving of a break....and it's okay to vent about it because, well, you need to vent to maintain sanity. I truly hope that everyone is feeling well soon. Prayers up!!