Saturday, March 23, 2013

Blue Jackets

- More plan changes...Melanie gave in to the stomach bug on Wednesday night, and the poor girl falls hard when she gets the flu. Grammy and Papa John were supposed to come on Friday night to take Katy and David to a Columbus Blue Jackets game (ice hockey) as a kick-off for David's birthday. But with Mel sick, everyone thought it was best to reschedule so that we didn't give our extended family the flu twice in one year, and to let Melanie stay comfy in her room. But Brian still took the kids to the game, and got to invite David's BFF Frank and his dad to come along and use the extra tickets. Thanks to Kathy and John for the tickets - they all had such a blast!

Dinner at Buca di Beppo's. So many memories of this place from my single days...they make the BIGGEST deal out of singing to you on your birthday (one time they made everyone in the room sing to me "We won't shut up until you skip around the room, skip around the room, skip around the room..." until I did it. They had David stand on a chair, which he LOVED.

She told Grammy they ate at a "fancy restaurant."

At the stadium, they got free hats, and they looked so cute coming home in them.


Cutest fans in the stands! Up waaaayyyy past their bedtime.

Now...we are supposed to take a day trip to visit all the great-grandparents on Monday, but they are predicting 5-9" of snow!!! Urgh!!!!!! So I'm not sure if we'll get to go, and every other day this week has scheduling challenges. I'm so ready for spring!


Jen said...
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Pam said...

Love the pictures and the post! Sorry for Melanie though. Yes spring cannot come soon enough. And we have a trampoline now so you guys have to come over and have a cook-out jump-date with us! :)