Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cookie Time

It's Girl Scout cookie time, and my daughter is super motivated to sell. She has been talking nonstop about ways to increase her sales. She really wants to earn the t-shirt which requires selling over 200 boxes (double what she sold last year). I told her that we'll do our best but that might be a goal for when she's older and can go door to door.

Since Brian's not in the office right now to take the form in, he decided to write an email to the people from work who ordered last year, and let Katy compose the body of the email. I was so proud of her (while also laughing so hard) when I read the email that I just had to post it here. I suggested to her to add a little description of the cookies, and she copied some of that info from the form, but other than that she did this entirely on her own.

My girl scout cookies are going wild this year! Would you like some cookies.There is lots of kinds.Each box costs $3.50 .Here are the kinds.
Savannah smiles – lemon
Trefoils –shortbread
Do-si-Dos-Pb sandwich
Samoas-coconut  and chocolate
Dulce  de Leche –caramel chips
Thank U berry munch –premium cranberries!
Tagalongs-PB patties
Thin Mints-thin and minty!

How many boxes would you like?Thank you!                   P.S. THAY ARE GOOD!


bluedaisy said...

This is so cute and creative! But I have to say, around here they are $4.00 a box--can they really charge a different price in different areas of the country? Strange...

cindy said...

so cute!! my fav is thin mints- thin and minty!

Brian said...

Yes, Jane, the price is determined by the local Girl Scout council - I think it takes into consideration cost of shipping from the baker or cost of living in the area? I'm not really sure exactly. And we never know each year how much we will be charging until they give us the form. I remember when they were $2 a box!

Brian said...

Ooops, that is Emily, didn't know I was signed in as Brian. :)

bluedaisy said...

Ah-ha...that makes sense!