Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Brief update

Arrived at the hospital at 5am but did not get admitted until 7am.  They broke Emily's water and started pitocin by 8:30.  She started having more contractions right away and progressed to 4cm.  Contractions got stronger and around noon she was given a epidural.  Luckily the epidural went very smoothly this time and she is more comfortable now.  Currently we are at 4 1/2cm, 80% effaced and position -1 (whatever that means). :) 

Thanks for all your prayers please continue to send them our way!


cindy said...

so glad for update! thanks Brian. am praying and am about to go to church mom's group and all the women there will be praying, too! can't wait for baby girl to be here.
keep up the good work, em! you can do it!

Pam said...

thanks for the update!!