Wednesday, January 30, 2013

(Almost) Back to Normal

*The other day we were sitting down to lunch, and I was laying Anna down in the swing, still in my pj's, when David let out a big *sigh* and said, "Mommy's back to normal." I said, "What do you mean?" He said, "Since having the baby, you're back to normal now." At first I thought maybe he meant that the belly is gone, but the timing of his comment made me realize: he's an observant kid, and things have certainly been a bit crazy around here for the past couple of weeks. But it is starting to feel like things are back to (a new) normal.

*I'm feeling much better this week, able to function like a normal person. There are still some lingering things to work out over the coming months, but I can do what I need to do. What a relief.

*Brian goes back to work tomorrow. Again, I know: SPOILED. I have just started feeling this week like I am ready, I think I can fumble my way through the days and get by. I'm mostly worried about being sleep deprived (I'm only getting 5-6 hours of sleep at night, not in a row, and no more naps once Brian goes back), and getting Katy and David to school by 9. I just know how early I will have to get up to get showered, nurse the baby, and get all of them dressed and fed and out the door. Yikes. But it will be ok.

*Anna feels less like a mysterious newborn and more like a baby that I know and love. Here's what we've figured out about her so far:
- She's smiling at me, I SWEAR. When I pick her up and talk brightly to her face, her face lights up and she smiles. Most amazing thing ever...
- She fights going to sleep, really fights it. I can't count the number of times she's been fussing, fussing, fussing, and we are all going, "What is wrong? She just ate? She's got a clean diaper?" and then 2 minutes later she's sound asleep. Also many times in the middle of the night I will lay her down in the bassinet and she's still squirming and grunting and whining and I think, "Oh, shoot, she isn't asleep, she's going to wake up..." but eventually she goes to sleep like that. Interesting.
- Once she is really asleep, she can sleep through anything (part of this is her age). But 2 brothers wrestling and crashing bulldozers right under her swing? Snoozefest...
-She loves to sleep on her tummy, which I only let her do during the day when I'm in the room with her, watching.
- She likes to swing, sleeps swaddled, and uses the pacifier just to get to sleep and then spits it out.

*I sorted through my maternity clothes to give away/donate/sell, and it's pitiful what I have left. I think I had twice as many maternity clothes as regular clothes. The good news is that I've saved several gift cards for just this occassion. But I'm torn whether to go now or hope to loose a little more weight first...

*David tried the Tae Kwon Do class yesterday, and Katy ended up doing it too (free trial). They both really liked it, but I don't know yet what we will do. The timing of the class is the only time of day that I have all 4 kids with me (between 4 and 5pm), and it is stressful to me to think of dragging Luke and Anna over there twice a week and trying to keep them happy and distracted on the sidelines. Plus now with Katy liking it, it would no longer be reasonably priced to pay for both of them. (I could certainly tell her that she can't do it, this is David's thing.) If we knew someone else doing the class, I would love to take turns watching younger siblings/going to watch the class with another mom. But I don't think I know anyone. (???)

*Katy reached her GS cookie goal (not the t-shirt, she picked a lower goal). She's had a really hard week or so at school. I won't go into details for the sake of her privacy, but it's been stressful, and I was relieved for an uneventful drop-off this morning.

*Luke is NOT going to know what to do with himself when Brian goes back to work. Those two have been serious buddies the past few weeks. They have played non-stop. He's going to have Daddy withdrawal tomorrow.

*We've loved this 60 degrees the past couple of days, even with the rain. It blows my mind to be able to walk to get Katy at school in January!

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tracy said...

Hi Emily! I wonder how things have been going since Brian went back to work and you are on your own. You can do it! You will find your own routine and things will fall into place. For the first month (at least) of Ruth going to school, I seriously doubted that could happen -- and while mornings are still busy now, we are able to get out the door without incident nearly all of the time, so that that is good! Though I do skip showers a LOT of mornings (shhh). Thinking of you!