Monday, December 24, 2012

Spoke too soon

When we got up yesterday morning, Katy said, "That was a REALLY bad night." It was. One of the toughest nights we've ever had.

Right after I posted that I was crossing fingers that we were better... shortly after midnight Melanie knocked on our door (she was sleeping in with Katy and David while mom and Greg are here) to let us know that David had barfed everywhere. And I mean everywhere. It was awful. Took us 30 minutes to clean up. Before we were finished with that, Katy started crying in pain that her stomach hurt. Crying escalated as we tried to settle David into our room. Right around that time, a full size fire truck and ambulance came down our court and took our elderly neighbor away in the squad. Brian said, "Were the Mayans just a day off?"

Without going into detail, Katy seemed to have some kind of set back in the tummy department after 2 days of feeling well. She ended up in our bed with us and I was up her at least once an hour for the rest of the night, lots of clean up involved. David was up a few more times as well, more yuckies. Of course I was laying in bed paranoid that I felt nauseous myself and continuing the scenarios in my head of cancelling Christmas.

In the morning, I was trying to catch a few extra Z's when Brian went to get Luke out of his crib. You guessed it - he had also vomited everywhere. So I got up to assist with that clean up and set up a new camp out on the couch for all the sickies.

Twenty-four hours later, it's Christmas Eve morning and I'm cuddled on the couch with the kids waiting for the grandparents to get up so we can have our first Christmas celebration. So far, everyone seems to feel fine this morning. I'm really thankful to be in the this moment with no barfing. Now my biggest fear is that we'll get all the grandparents sick (and that they'll go on and share it with other family members that they visit after us). But at this point, we've done what we can, made decisions the best that we could at the time, so we might as well enjoy the holiday the best that we can.

Here's hoping that you are cuddled up with a healthy family and enjoying a nice Christmas. Love to you all!

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Weed said...

Here's hoping things only get better from here!

Merry Christmas!!!