Sunday, December 02, 2012

Potty Training Luke, Day 1

Oh my. Brian and I are both completely exhausted after today. We told Luke before bed last night that he was going to go on the potty today. We bought M&Ms and juice boxes and got out the little potty for the first time.

Luke doesn't have quite the language development that David and Katy did when we started their training, and I felt like I could tell. It took some time for it to click with him what we were asking him to do. And underpants were very confusing to him - every time we put them on he thought it meant that he was supposed to go sit on the potty - with them up. His first "success" on the potty, he still got his underpants wet because he was still wearing them. He went naked the rest of the day (refused to even wear a shirt).

Around 11 am, something seemed to click, and he started peeing in the potty...NON STOP. I literally could not get one cleaned up before he was sitting back down on it. So clearly he isn't emptying out completely and is still figuring that out. But it was great progress. We still had a couple of accidents after that, but he must have had 10-20 successes, I'm not even sure.

He pooped on the floor once, but after that he pooped right in FRONT of the potty 3 more times. (Yeah, that's normal for him - really looking forward to getting him trained because 4 poopy diapers a day is...yucky). So he's starting to get it, but hopefully it's a matter of time before he moves a few inches and makes it into the potty.

The task ahead feels overwhelming. I can't imagine taking him out of the house. I've got a clear schedule all week so we can stay home except for school drop offs/pick ups.

I spent some time looking back at potty training archives here and it helped me to keep things in perspective. I always hear stories of other toddlers who spend 3-5 days naked at home and then are trained forever and ever amen. That has not been my experience in the past, and it seems to be the exception instead of the rule, based on the comments on past posts. So we will see how this week goes, hope to be one of those stories, but try not to be disappointed if it doesn't happen.

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