Thursday, December 20, 2012


Does anyone else remember that last year I started puking 4 days before Christmas and spent the time totally paranoid that we were all going to get the stomach flu and ruin Christmas?


Yesterday was both Katy and David's Christmas parties at school on their last day before break. I went to David's in the morning. I was a little confused about whether I was supposed to attend Katy's, because they whole school was watching a play put on the high schoolers and then having cookies in their classroom provided by PTA, so it didn't seem like they needed parents. But I told Katy I'd come in for at least a few minutes, just because it's nice to be in the classroom once in awhile.

So I showed up about 15 minutes before the end of school and walked into her classroom where all the kids were sitting quietly on the carpet with the teacher. Katy hadn't even seen us walk in, when she turned to the teacher and said, "I don't feel well." The teacher looked at me and said, "That's the 2nd time she has said that. I asked her if she wanted me to call you but she said no." Katy stood up and walked toward me, burst into tears, and then vomited all over the classroom floor.

We've been fortunate in the stomach flu department in the past, so I can only think of one other time that Katy has thrown up. But she is intense when she's sick. The next few hours were awful. She was MAD. Mad at me for not giving her medicine to make it stop. Mad at her classmates for giving her germs. Mad that no one else was feeling as badly as she was. Mad that God didn't instantly heal her when she prayer. She was in the bathroom screaming all kinds of things as me while she got sick. People are born with certain personalities and this is my daughter's. Has been since day one. Never ceases to amaze me (and sometimes concern me).

She finally stopped and fell asleep a little after 8 (on a mattress next to our bed). She slept through the night and this morning she says she feels better, but she's still complaining that her tummy hurts and panicking that she's going to throw up.

So after she calmed down last night, I started the panic mode about all the possible scenarios for the upcoming week. I had to skip my Girls' Night Out last night. I had to cancel my visit with my friend Cindy today who is in town from Seattle. I'm supposed to see Abigail tomorrow (in town from Colorado) but have had to change those plans too. The first round of family is supposed to come on Saturday and I'm freaking out that we're all about to get sick and have to cancel everything.

But I'm praying that we'll have another Best Case Scenario on our hands (could we be that fortunate 2 years in a row?) and maybe it will stop with Katy? Fingers crossed...

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Weed said...

I hope it's another best case scenario for you. I have similar fears this year, since Rebecca was diagnosed with strep throat yesterday, and it could easily make its way through the family over Christmas, though I know that doesn't hold a candle to violent vomitting. Yuck, yuck.