Friday, April 20, 2012

Science! and Spiderman

We've been up to a little science around here lately. We took the Girl Scout troop to COSI (children's science museum) for a day camp program. It was our biggest field trip of the year (it lasted all day) and I must have counted to 8 (heads) about 50 times throughout the course of the day. But the girls had a blast. And the best part was that they got to take home a caterpillar that will become a Painted Lady Butterfly. Katy thinks this is as exciting as having a pet, and she's making all kinds of observations throughout the day. They have already tripled in size in just a few days. I was glad that we got to take home 2 of them (since I had paid admission as well), so that we had double the chance of actually ending up with a butterfly.

David's preschool class is doing a sunflower challenge. They each planted a seed at school and brought it home to care for it. Then they bring in observations to school each week and on the last day of school they will each bring in a picture and declare a winner. (That part is a little unclear to me - a winner?) But David is REALLY excited about his sunflower. Two inches of growth in the first week! 

And finally, I wanted to capture a video of Luke saying "Spiderman" because it is so darn cute. You get a little Real Life with this one because first of all, Luke is wearing a mismatched outfit (that's what you get when someone has an accident and you send the 5 year old to retrieve a new outfit). Secondly, the playroom is a total disaster. I could pretend that this is really unusual, or I could be honest and admit that it's not.(Sorry about the squished video - I don't have time to figure out how to fix it...)

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Kelsey said...

Declaring a sunflower winner seems a little odd for preschool. :-)

Sounds like you guys are having fun. Good luck with the caterpillars, such a neat thing for kids to watch.

The Spiderman video cracked me up.