Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter Weekend in Photos

Luke's first carousel ride at the zoo - he clung to Brian and wouldn't take his eyes off the mirror in the center.

Katy convinced David that we should pick the carousel instead of the boat ride. As the ride began, he shouted, "You were right, Katy, this IS fun!!!" Love this kid.

Note to future self: the zoo on Good Friday (especially a beautiful one) is comparable to the day after Thanksgiving. PACKED. But still fun.

Oma and Opa joined us for the weekend. During the backyard egg hunt, it didn't take Luke very long to figure it out.

She found the Golden Egg. And they were very good about leaving the "easy eggs" for Luke.

Getting ready to dye eggs. At first, he thought I was taking a picture of just the eggs, so he didn't smile, but then when I said he was in the shot, too, he gave me some sweetness.

Loved it!

One brave Oma - helping a one year old color eggs. He MUST do what the big kids do.

See what I mean? This is the face when he thinks I'm looking at the egg. So serious. He was really proud of this pirate skull tattoo.

The egg tattoos were tough for the kids to handle, but I really enjoyed them.

Baskets, which the kids totally forgot to anticipate. On Easter morning I was trying desperately to get them to come downstairs at the same time, and they had no idea why. It was fun that they were surprised.

My mom bought all of their outfits for church.

Luke's "shortpants" got all kinds of comments at church. I have to admit that it was pretty stinking cute.

Such a handsome big boy!

She wanted yellow this year. She loves dresses!


Cindy said...

Oh my gosh, Em! Love the outfits your mom got the kids for Easter! Beautiful. And those short pants ARE so, so cute. All three of them look so good. You must have been so proud. Happy Easter!

bluedaisy said...

Love all of the Easter photos--looks like so much fun!