Monday, April 30, 2012

Not as much progress, but a little

This past week has NOT turned out like I planned. And I'm a planner, so that really gets my goat. Luke's "ear infection" turned out to be some kind of virus with fever, headache, sore throat, (with a little rash that only the boys got) that eventually everyone in the house got except for me. I was thankful that I stayed well so I could care for everyone. It made everyone pretty sick for a day and a half, staggered throughout the week. Missing school, work, my last Bible study of the year, etc. But then the hardest part was cancelling my mom and Greg's planned visit to build the shed. But it had to be done, Brian was really sick and could not work. This has also caused me to postpone my garage sale for a few weeks, because everything has been pushed back some. I had a little heart trouble letting go of that one, but this really will be better, for several reasons.

But everyone felt better by Sunday and we DID make some progress.

Speaking of a little progress...we have two chrysalises, no butterflies yet...

Digging, leveling, building frame for the gravel base.

Three and a half tons of gravel dumped on our driveway (the boys loved watching THAT), and the pallet of supplies that will be a new shed.

Who needs grandparents to help when you've got these 3?

How did all this gravel get here?

One shovel-full at a time. Or as David prefers, one rock at a time.

Then wheel it around to the backyard.

He said they were lighter than the gravel.

We were able to still host our Girl Scout marshmallow roast on Sunday evening as planned. We even dug out this new brick and gravel spot for the fire pit. You can see in the background the finished gravel base for the shed. I'm dying to show you more cute pictures from the roast, but since I don't have permission, here is one that I can show. My sweet neighbor boys, who happen to be Boy Scouts, volunteered to come and show the girls fire safety, how they build a fire, and teach them a campfire song. It was so fun and they did a great job.

He used a lighter for quickness, but other than that it was middle-of-the-woods fire building.

So I was all set for this week to be a back-to-normal type of week, but this morning the van wouldn't start. And it's been doing this a few times lately so it's time to give up and put it in the shop again. I keep thinking, "Surely we've fixed enough things now, and NOW it will run well for several months." Ugh. And just the logistics of trying to get the van to the shop and get by with the Corolla for a few days...causes more headache. But after THAT, maybe the week will go as planned.


Pam said...

wow that looks like really hard work. It makes me feel tired just looking at the pictures of all that gravel! I can't wait to see the finished article though! :-)

bluedaisy said...

The hard work is paying off because your back yard looks lovely! And I'm sure the new shed will be so useful :)
Hope your van lasts- car troubles are just awful!