Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas a go-go

(Note: backdating this because I have detail issues and I don't like my Christmas post being in the January archives)

So yay! Christmas! We celebrated with a week long crazy schedule of food, family, travel, and of course, gifts. It was really a lovely holiday this year. The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we all got some good time together with some of our favorite folks. Of course, any week long holiday celebration with small children is bound to have its bumps along the road (I'm lookin' at YOU, Infant Ear Infection). There were also serious plumbing issues (no, really, SERIOUS plumbing issues) at both of the grandparents' homes while we visited. Ummm...I'd like to think that's a coincidence? But now we're home and basking in the post-Christmas glow. Some highlights:

Setting out the stockings and cookies at home on Christmas Eve. And if Oma, Opa, and Aunt Mel forget their stockings, that's ok. They can set out their boots.

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

Stockings before breakfast

I have several pictures that I could title, "David in his happy place with a new car."

One of these two let me have four hours of sleep last night. Any guesses?

The gift that got the biggest reaction? Cheerleading outfit that I purchased for $2 at the consignment shop.  Santa brought "a doctor kit with nurse clothes."

The biggest gift this year: train and car table. Heaven forbid you try to put the lid on it.

Nothing cuter than a baby in a Santa hat! This baby slept through at least half of all our gift openings. It took two and a half hours on Christmas morning and he just couldn't make it!

I think Santa brought David's favorite: Mack from Disney's Cars. (also Mater)

We hosted my extended family exchange with a chili luncheon. I was too busy playing hostess to get good pictures, but Katy and David had a blast with their cousins Gabe and Nate.

After a brief stop at the pediatrician for antibiotics, we were off to Kentucky. Like I said, Grammy LOVES photo calendars from Shutterfly.

Presents? Again?

Brian and I were really proud of the leg warmers, purse, and fingerless gloves we picked for Leah. This girl likes to be coordinated!

We went bowling! It was the kids' first time, and it was hysterical. Katy refused to use the 6 pound ball ("that's for little kids") and wouldn't let me help her push the ball.

David had a good time until he pinched his finger, then he was glued to us until we left.

Brian's grandma and Luke cracked each other up.

Add to the list of things I wouldn't have guessed I would do: pull over to a trucking yard in southeastern Kentucky and take a picture of my kid with an old tow truck. David might mention it as the highlight of the trip.

My boys...sitting out from craft time.

Making ornaments. We had to do some kind of organized activity to spend any time with Katy, otherwise she was off playing with her cousins and we didn't hear from her.

Look how Luke's handprint is barely big enough for his picture. Ha!

Kimmy and David were buds, as usual. She's a great helper with the boys.

Brian and his mom and brother spent hours and hours on this thousand piece puzzle. I tried it for about 2 minutes and my head was spinning so I gave up. But they persevered!

Shew! It was a great Christmas full of blessings. Can't wait to see what 2011 will bring.

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