Thursday, December 09, 2010

Santa and his better half

Yesterday we visited the Christmas party at the local senior center, and made this our Santa visit for the year. The Santa at the senior center is worth the price of admission for one significant reason: he brings the missus.

Last year, Mrs. Claus helped my kids with their timidity about the big guy in red. This year, they had no hesitation to climb into his lap and make their requests ("a nurse's costume that's a dress" for Katy, "Lightning McQueen, Mater, and Mack" for David), but she was quite helpful in holding Luke. In fact, I literally had to pry him from her fingers when we were done. And you have to admit, the woman has great taste in glasses and matching lipstick.

The whole event is pretty cute, and we enjoyed it with our friends Stephanie, Brooklyn, and Maddie.

Plus, there's a TRAIN. There's nothing quite like the look on this kid's face while he watching trains and cars.

It's not the same look as when he's showing off his "face" painting.

This last photo might not look like much, but when I sent this as a picture message to Brian, he responded, "Holy crap! It's a Christmas miracle!" Katy has been terrified - absolutely frightened out of her mind of puppets for about the last year. It's made taking her to church a challenge (they do puppets once a month), and we've had breakdowns at school and other places with puppet shows. This time, however, she gradually peeked around the corner, stood at the door, then in the back of the room, until she finally perched at the very edge of the carpet square. A breakthrough!??! Maybe?! We'll see. Anything can happen at Christmas, right?

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Pam said...

This looked like a great event. Mrs Claus is quite the fashionista too! The kids are so gorgeous Emily, they really are.