Wednesday, December 08, 2010


**It's cold. Really, really cold. And yet she still will not wear pants. She made that self-portrait on the fridge with paper, scissors, and scotch tape. Although it's slightly creepy looking, I thought it was pretty good.

**We are chugging along with Christmas preparations. I thought I was on the ball because I ordered cards and bought the pretty stamps nice and early. But they've been sitting on the counter for a week with no addresses on them.

**On Monday, Brian and I had a dream date. At least for me. My dad and Sue came and watched the kids for us ALL DAY while Brian and I went Christmas shopping. We got so much done, sat and ate lunch at a leisurely pace, and walked right past Santa without so much as a glance. And I just love Christmas shopping. The hustle and bustle, having money to spend for just this occasion, and trying to find the best deal of the gifts you want to buy. I was away from the kids for eight hours, which is the longest time in over a year.

**Luke started solids! Yes, the plastic monstrosity of a highchair is back in my kitchen after a good scrub down (I even bleached the straps because they were awful). The first night, I made this bowl of cereal for him, and I thought, he won't eat even a third of it. But he gobbled it down, and by the end of it, he was opening his mouth like a baby bird - his first meal! That's what happens when you wait until they are almost 6 months to start - they are more than ready. (Katy we did right at 4 months and I remember everything we put in just ran right back out)

**The difference between a first baby and a third is that third babies have lots of help, need it or not. Before you notify authorities, you wouldn't believe how well he did eating from them.

**Starting solids did not, however, improve nighttime sleep. In fact, that first night he was up four times, and I was panicking that maybe he had an allergy or some kind of reaction to the cereal. But maybe it was just too big of a bowl for his first feeding. By the third night, he's right back where we started - up at 11pm and 3am. *sigh*

**He IS, however, sitting UP! For at least a minute or two before he topples over. Which means I can finally get a decent picture of the child (it's so hard to get a good picture of a baby on their back).

**We went to see Santa and Mrs. Claus this morning, I'll get that picture scanned later this week. But I am anxiously awaiting your Christmas cards - I even bought pretty magnets for the side of my fridge! I'm checking my mailbox with eager anticipation. :)


Weed said...

Yay for sitting up! It's so much easier, I think, when they can sit up. And that's great that he loved his first meal. Rebecca's been gobbling up every new thing I put in her mouth, though she seems to particularly like oatmeal mixed with bananas.

You'll have to wait awhile for our Christmas card....I finally ordered them a couple of days ago, but they're still not here. I'm looking forward to getting everyone's, too, though!

bluedaisy said...

Oh my, how a baby does grow. LOVE him :) And I love the older siblings helping out! Ah, Christmas cards- I JUST ordered mine today and by some small miracle, they may be out before Christmas ;)

Oma Froehle said...

What a great post! Luke is growing up fast. He will want a Happy Meal for his birthday.

I haven't done any cards yet, either. Frankly, they are on the bottom of the list after music and sewing and shopping. Baking doesn't even enter my mind.