Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I didn't know genetics went this far...

David, 5 months

Luke, 6 months

Christmas pictures to come, but for now... if you know David in person, you have no doubt seen him sucking his two fingers and twirling his hair. It's his default position when he isn't using his hands for anything else. (We've also recently noticed that he uses his left hand for most things - will he take after Oma as a southpaw?) So I was cheering when Luke started to suck the same two fingers a couple of months ago, and now he has entirely given up the pacifier for the Middle Two, just like big bro. Isn't that crazy? (And so stinking cute?)

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Pam said...

That's incredible! Years ago I took a genetics class where we talked about tongue rolling, writing preference, eye color, finger length and all kinds of silly stuff - now we can add selective finger sucking! But they look so different - or is that just this picture?
Happy New Year guys - remember, if you are at a loose end our party is 7-last man standing. X