Sunday, October 11, 2009

Not the Weekend I was Hoping For

On Thursday morning, I took Katy on her first field trip. At the last minute, I got a sitter for David because 2 friends told me the pumpkin farm was a muddy mess and not stroller friendly. So Katy and I got some girl time and it was really fun. It was also nice to get a grasp on who is in her class, and to stop worrying that Katy is causing problems for her teachers. If the field trip on Thursday was any indication, Katy is not a problem child in her classroom at all, and she is pretty typical for her age. It was also nice to get to know some of the other moms, briefly. (A note about these pictures: they gave us these enormous t-shirts to go over their jackets so they look like Marshmallow Kids)

As I was pulling the van out to leave, one of the moms I had just met flagged me down with a panicked look on her face. She had just locked her 3 children under 3 in her van. They were all strapped in, she doesn't have a spare key at her house, no AAA, and here we the pumpkin farm. She used my phone to call her husband, and we decided to call 911. They acted like it was an appropriate call and sent someone right out. When I went to alert someone who worked at the pumpkin farm that we had called, they chewed me out for "overreacting" and "making the wrong call." I don't very often snap at people, especially not to their faces, but I was really frustrated. I was like, "What was she supposed to do? Her kids are LOCKED IN THE CAR!?!" And she muttered something about how someone at the farm could've tried to get them out. Oh, ok, good plan. I mean, what would you have done?

Anyway, Thursday evening things started to travel south and I had a feeling we were all getting sick. Friday morning I couldn't get out of bed, and Brian had to stay home from work. Katy, David, and I all had fevers, sore throats, cough, aching, etc. We took Katy to have her tested for strep, and they did H1N1 too, both were negative. But we were sick enough to have to cancel all of our weekend plans, which included going to the Buckeye game, a preschool fall festival, and having my Dad and Sue come to watch the kids and spend the night.

I was really, really disappointed, not to mention sick. I've just been feeling mopey all weekend because ARGH! We're sick and missing fun things! And I've been missing our family lately. Except for a quick hello and goodbye during the wedding weekend, we haven't seen any of our family in a couple of months. It's not secret that I wished we lived closer to our family. Not that we live super far, but it's hard. I wish they were closer.
Ok, enough whining from me! Hopefully the next post will be more chipper. :)


Pam said...

Great pictures! Did you pick your own pumpkins then?
The farm owner was dead wrong. I would have called 911 too.
I'm so sorry you guys are all sick but thank goodness nothing too serious.
I'm with you on the absent family thing. I miss mine like mad but Skype is wonderful!

bluedaisy said...

The field trip looks like fun- so glad you got a some girl time in with Katy. It was probably less stressful for you as well ;) I would have totally done the same thing in terms of calling 911...3 kids locked in a car? Um, no thanks! I really hope you are all feeling better soon!! It always seems like illness strikes right at times when you have fun stuff on the agenda.

Jen said...

Katy is the cutest thing! I'm glad you were able to enjoy the day together before everyone got sick. And, you did the right thing by calling 911. Way to lend a hand when someone needed it!