Tuesday, October 06, 2009

3 inches in 3 months

For the baby book portion of this blog, I present the statistics from David's 18 month well check. (It's interesting how focused we moms are in kids' growth. But that is always what I'm thinking about heading into a well visit).

Also, I thought the doctor was quick to say, "great, he's 50%'s for both height and weight!" so I looked it up for myself when I got home.

Weight: 25 lbs, 5 oz. - 50%'ile (closer to 40%)

Height: 33 inches - 50%'ile (closer to 70%) - he made a comment that he's grown 3 inches in the past 3 months, which is a huge growth spurt. No wonder he's been stuffing his face so much!

Other than that, it was a (blissfully) uneventful visit. I have to wonder, are healthcare workers SO TIRED of talking about H1N1? Has any single person stepped into their office in the last 2 months and not brought it up? I'm trying not to be overly worried (my natural tendency), but it's scary, I think. And the vaccine - there won't be enough for everyone anyway, and how do we know if it's safe since it's so new? I guess I just have to have a little faith on this one. And maybe I would regret saying this later, but at this point I'm about ready for us to all GET the swine flu and get it over with. So at least we wouldn't have to worry about it anymore. (Assuming, of course, that it ended up being minor)


Pam said...

So glad he had a good well visit!
I know what you mean about the vaccine - I'm getting us all regular flu shots/mists but not sure about H1N1. I'm so scared that Danny will get it and not have the immune system to fight it off.
I'll ask his Doc at his nine month appointment at the end of the month I guess...

Kate said...

flu shot...flu schmot. We skip them all around here. Not that I won't be upset if my little guy gets sick, but I've never been convinced that they help. Don't worry, I'll pull my kid out of play group at the first sign of sickness.