Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Unpacked - a virtual tour

I'm considering myself unpacked. That does not mean that there are no boxes full of stuff anywhere in my house. That does mean that if I have a free moment, I can feel the freedom to sit down and relax for a God-loving minute rather than having this anxious feeling of MUST! UNPACK! AND! ORGANIZE!

So it's time for some pics. This might be a bit of overload for some of you, so you can skim. But I took photos of every room, because I'm just a weee bit excited. As noted by the exclamation points.

There it is! Our new house! Have I mentioned that it's on a cul de sac? Love.

Let's start in the playroom, shall we? Yes! There's a whole room, for playing! Oh, and in the corner that you cannot see, is my desk, where I am currently sitting, typing away.

One might use words like "potential" to describe our backyard. It's pretty big, but somewhat rough and neglected. And it's got a bunch of poison ivy that we'll be taking care of very soon. But I love the shade.

It's a garage, i.e. pure sweetness. It's in a state of post-moving chaos, but if we can get one car in there this winter, that's one car more than we could get in last winter, kwim?

Okay, so this is the "eat in" part of our kitchen. But there's no dining room, so this IS the eating space. Which I love. Two steps from counter to tabletop. And it's open to the living room not only with the doorway, but then also with a window-type opening.

This was one of the things I bought with garage-sale monies. It's for all of Katy's games and crafts, cute and organized, right by the table. I'm sure it won't look this way for long, but at least it's starting out nice.

Here's the other half of the kitchen. The sellers were the original owners of the house, which was built in 1964. My feeling is that they hadn't updated anything at all, so over the past year they updated EVERYTHING. They totally remodeled this kitchen, which I love. We're thinking about getting one of those portable islands, because although the space is large, there isn't much counter space.

This picture was taken from standing in the kitchen, looking into the living room through that window opening I mentioned. And let's be honest. Ninety percent of the time those entertainment center doors are open. That entertainment center was handed down to us from Brian's mom and John. And we bought this living room furniture and the dining set from a used furniture store.

Katy's like, "Seriously, open those doors back up."

A little slice of heaven, aka first floor half bath.

HA!! This one I'm sneaking in here on you. This is our basement, AFTER Brian painted the floors but BEFORE we filled it with our crap. I'm going to spare you a picture of our mess. But the thought is that in a few years we could finish this space, or at least maybe half of it.

We don't have a land line, but we can't bring ourselves to get rid of this phone. It's classic, isn't it? It's 70's Tupperware green, and it has their phone number that they had for 40 years printed on it.

The master bedroom, which we painted, but have yet to do anything else to decorate it.

Master bath, which we also painted and installed these shelves (where did they put their belongings?)

This is the kids/guests bath, which was pink sponge paint with teal flower wall paper border. I stripped and painted it and used the sticky wall decals to add some color to the boring shower door...

...and to the opposite wall. It's so hard to get a decent picture in a small bathroom, but I'm happy with how it turned out.

Katy's room, which looks very similar to her old room, except the bed now has legs. My Dad painted this room.

The other half. One of the quirks about this house is that there are no overhead lights. And no outlets in the bathrooms.

David's room. It was already yellow, so we left it. He won't need a nursery design for much longer anyway.

I love how much light his room gets. And the hardwood floors are in great shape.

And the guest room. Doesn't it look inviting? Come and see us!


Erin said...

Wow! It is SO beautiful and perfect. I can see you guys having Christmas mornings & birthday parties and many years of a happy home there. Very, very awesome.

Mommy Daisy said...

Wow, Emily! It's a great house. I'm jealous. Now I'm getting the new house itch. He he.

And next time I know I'm coming to Columbus, I am so letting you know before-hand. I'd love to get together.

bluedaisy said...

Beautiful home!! I love it!! Congratulations :)

Giselle said...

Fantastic! I love that there is room to grow and change things, but the major stuff (kitchen) is done.

And that basement looks perfect the way it is! Clear out some boxes and put the bikes down there in the winter. Or roller skates (do kids roller skate anymore?)

Weed said...

Wow! Everything looks great! Can't wait to come over and see it in person sometime soon.

Physibeth said...

Wow Emily it is amazing! We have those same shelves in our bathroom...Bed, Bath and Beyond? :-) Hopefully will be able to come visit some day!

Allecia said...

Awesome! I know what you mean about a first floor bathroom. Isn't it great? When we moved to Indy, we went from 1 full bath to 2.5...OH, what bliss! All the painting looks great. Enjoy!

Kelsey said...

Hello! Slowly, slowly catching up, just in time to go out of town again.


I LOVE the new place! I cannot wait to see it in person one of these days and I'm so happy for you guys.