Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Moving Mussings


The last week has been ca-razy. For some reason, neither Brian or I thought to plan for the amount of work we would need to do in the old house immediately after we moved in order to prepare it for renters to move in on June 1st. The only thing I had planned was to have a 2 day yard sale (my first ever) for May 30-31st.

Forget unpacking. Brian spent every spare minute last week at the old house, painting, repairing, cleaning, and preparing for new renters. I was at the new house for long days with the kids, living out of boxes and trying to prepare for the yard sale. And we were both exhausted.

The day before the yard sale I started to freak out about how I was going to make it all happen with Brian home with the kids (the sale was at the old house), so we recruited my mother-in-law to come and save our sorry souls. And thank goodness she agreed! We never would have made it without her.

Brian and I worked hard to have the sale, and at first I was really disappointed with the turnout. But then my genius of a husband pulled out his trusty laptop and his camera phone. He took pictures of the larger items and posted them individually on craigslist. We got rid of every single thing priced over $10. I couldn't believe it. Then the Boy Scouts, of all people, came and PICKED UP everything else that didn't sell so they could have it for their fundraiser. It worked out really nicely.

So now, we've got some cash and a list of things to shop for. Is anything more indulgant than buying fun things for a new house? And I really really love shopping. Especially shopping around for a particular item. I'm my mother's daughter.

And the boxes are working their way unpacked. I won't feel finished until the pictures are on the wall, and we're probably a couple weeks out from that.

Oh! I forgot to mention that David started walking (as a main mode of mobility) the weekend we moved! He is so cute, toddling around with his arms in the air. I will post a video next...but I literally just found the camera. I'm a little out of the loop in more ways than one.

But we love the new place. Katy hasn't seemed in any way sad that we moved. We were at the empty house and I said, "Would you rather live here or at the new house?" and she said, as if it were a stupid question, "At the new house, where all my toys are!"

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bluedaisy said...

I am in awe of what you have accomplished...can you come help me once you have your energy back? Yeah David with becoming a true walker!! And I love Katy's answer to your need a sign that says "Home is where the toys are" :) Oh and happy shopping!!