Wednesday, June 24, 2009


We spent a long weekend in KY with Brian's family, where Katy was able to be reunited with her long lost cousins! Really it had only been since Christmas that she hadn't seen them, but as often as she asks about them, it felt like they were long lost.

Katy and Leah are buddy-buddy. Is this what Katy will look like when she's 6 and a half?

Kimmy is such a great helper! The age difference between her and David is the same as my sister and I.

I like the tongue sticking out in pure joy.

This is what your family photo would look like if you had 5 kids, all 2 years apart.

Katy loved swimming, as usual, but thankfully, she wasn't as fearless as last year. She went down the slide with Brian a couple of times and then said it was "too fast."

David warmed up to the water as the days progressed, which was good for him, since up to this point he has been very nervous about getting near it.

Drying off before one of our many fabulous meals in the gazebo. Brian's folks can cook up a storm, and they always do.

We also visited Cumberland Falls...sorry I don't have many pictures of the adults...even Kelly and John are missing in this one...

Oh, the cuteness.

The girls
It seems that every trip with small children has its challenges. Ours included:
** Katy's fever the day before we were supposed to leave, and trying (unsuccessfully) to get her to pee in a cup at the pediatrician's office. She continued to have a fever and a hoarse voice throughout the trip.
** The first day we were there, Brian had David in the gazebo and went to ring this windchime for him:

Apparently inside there was a wasp's nest. A wasp flew out and into David's mouth and STUNG HIM ON THE TONGUE. It was awful. It started to swell and I was worried about blocking his airway and having an allergic reaction. I talked to my pediatrician on the phone, who told me what to look for and when to take him to the ER. He ended up being fine.

**Tuesday morning as we prepared to leave, I discovered that David had developed Katy's fever. We got in the van and discovered that the DVD player stopped working. UGH.

Overall, though, it was a good trip. We always enjoy our time with Brian's family and they really spoil us. I need to come up with the next thing for Katy to look forward to!

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