Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I'm having some issues.

1) I had David down to nursing once a day in the morning. For various reasons, I decided last week that I wanted to be done. So I haven't nursed him since Sunday morning (72 hours). I'm pretty uncomfortable, and I can't remember from last time. Should I pump or just let it work itself out?

2) Katy has been having bedtime issues, which inclue getting up several times and taking over an hour to fall asleep. Once we moved and she was able to open our modern-day doorknobs, this then evolved into getting up throughout the night. The night before last she got up TEN TIMES. We had tried various strategies, but THAT incident inspired me to figure out how to nip it in the bud, because that is NOT OK. (I spent yesterday with that newborn sleep deprived feeling, which is certainly no fun)

So we made a chart, we explained the rules, and the rewards (gummi worms) and consequences (child-proof door handle). She lasted half an hour, came out of her room, I installed the doorknob, and she threw a 45 minute kicking screaming tantrum. Then she fell asleep for the remainder of the night. Threw another tantrum in the morning when she was not allowed to have a gummi worm. I'm hoping that the first night is the toughest. It'll get better from here, right?

3) Yesterday my sister asked me about potty training. I almost cried. One issue at a time, please.


Allecia said...

We did the child-proof door things didn't take long to work. Now he knows if he gets out of bed it means having his music turned off, or loosing his blanket.

Oh, and I think, if I remember right...don't pump! It's the whole supply and demand thing. If there's not demand, the supply will deminish too.

Weed said...

Hang in there!!! I wish I knew how to help.

Oma Froehle said...

I hate to say the 's' word, but I never tolerated tantrums. (And you girls were extremely well behaved.) My rule was stay in bed; if I have to come in there, you get a spanking. Any time you throw a fit, you AUTOMATICALLY get a spanking. Call it an understanding between you and the child.

The disclaimer on this is you obviously have your own thoughts about spanking.

Hopefully all went well last night and this is no longer relevant. :-)

Erin said...

I always feel strange about giving advice because, PLEASE, is there ANYONE more UNqualified?

1) I'd pump a little bit to feel more comfortable. That's what I did with Emmett. It worked itself out, and I think I only relief-pumped once.

2) Keep with it. It will only get harder to correct the issue as she gets older. I hope it gets better soon for you! Bedtime issues are so frustrating.

3) Gosh, don't even worry about it. She's a smart girl and she'll get it. Use pullups.

Pam said...

(1) I'm folding my arms across my chest and wincing at the thought. No helpful advice for you other than turn your back to the hot water in the shower and don't go jogging for a few days
(2) Jack comes out 10 x before he goes to sleep but then doesn't come out again. If he came out during the night the door knob would go back on immediately. The thought of a toddler wandering around my house at 2am gives me heart palpitations
(3) Is there a deadline? Does she need to be potty trained by pre-school? If not, what's the rush? She's a smart cookie so don't worry.