Monday, February 16, 2009

Oma and Opa's house: Tour of Toys

We're visiting my mom and Greg, which is always a trip down the memory lane of toys.

This John Deere tractor is the first thing Katy talks about when we mention Oma's house. Look who's big enough to ride it this time!

This was my sister's doll, Jonathan, wearing a Reds outfit that my dad put on her when she was a baby. And my grandmother crocheted that blanket. Classic.

Funny story: when we decided to name her Kathryn, I didn't imagine that we would call her Katy. Brian started referring to her as Katy while I was still pregnant, and after she was born, it just stuck. I secretly hope that she uses the name Kathryn someday, because I think it's so pretty. This was pretty funny, though, because we kept telling her that this puzzle spelled her name, Kathryn, and she would insist, "NO! My name is Katy!!"

Do you remember how Cabage Patch Kids came out with these? They're like Cabage Patch pets? Isn't this the ugliest thing you've ever seen? And I apparently ordered a personalized nametag for him: Caramel.

My sister Melanie got this for her third birthday, I was 11. I remember actually fighting with her over it (I know, real mature, to fight with a 3 year old) because I thought it was SO fun.

Oh, how I loved this game. Especially on long road trips.

This is my precious Dumbo, who my great-grandmother made for me when I was little. I carried him everywhere, and when I was 3, my mom had a garage sale and someone tried to buy him, right out of my hands! No can do, bucko! This elephant is NOT for sale!

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Pam said...

WOW, I'm amazed your mum has kept all those toys!!!! What great heirlooms for the grandkids,