Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"New" technology that works

I realize that for many of you, this will be old news. But. If you have small children and out of town relatives, you MUST try using a webcam. We've just gotten into it, and it's really amazing.

When Brian first mentioned the idea, I assumed it would be crazy expensive or complicated. But no! You can get webcams that plug into your computer for as little as $30. And then the service that we use, Skype, is completely free. So for Christmas, we gave webcams to all of the grandparents, and now Katy talks to the Grand generation "on the ca-cuter" every week.

We hadn't had much luck getting Katy to talk on the phone to anyone. She would just nod and be completely silent. And at first, she was a little confused about the webcam, too. But after a few tries, she's got it! Now she loves it, and it has been really neat. Grammy got to see Katy wake up after the first night in her big girl bed (our webcam is on our laptop, so we can take it anywhere in the house), Grandpa and Grandma Sue give good night kisses, and here she is playing a letter game with Oma on her V-tech:

So in 20 years I'll probably read this post and roll my eyes at how hip I thought it was to use a webcam, but there you go! That's my product recommendation for the year.


Kate said...

I checked with my friend about preschools...

"theres a couple Goddard schools that are good. Little Blessings preschool at the methodist church right on state street is supposed to be good...."

Erin said...

WOW. That sounds, like, SRSLY HITECH to me. We've got out-of-town grandparents too, and I bet that would be worth a try. But just the THOUGHT of new technology makes me need a nap.

Pam said...

We tried this several years ago and spent the whole time going back and forth "can you hear me now, can you see me now?". Hopefully technology has improved because my family would love to see the new baby and Jack.
All the students use Skype too and say how good it is.
Thanks for re-planting the idea!

Maureen said...

We've been doing this since Megan was born with both sets of grandparents and all my siblings. We'll have to get on Skype with you soon!

Jen said...

Will and I totally Skype almost every other day with my parents! It's so easy and convenient! Also, I skyped with CP the other day - completely hilarious. I'll look you up the next time I'm on, which will probably be Saturday! Will really likes sending emoticons through the chat window while we're talking. He sent a "birthday cake" to my mom on her birthday! How cool!
Love ya,

Kelsey said...

My dad got my mom a laptop for Christmas and would like to get us a webcam so we can do the same thing.

I know Harper would love it.