Monday, December 22, 2008

When days are long and cold

Brian took the van in to the shop today to get some repairs done, so I knew I would be without a car. Then this morning when I came downstairs, I discovered that the internet and cable were out. The thermometer on the front porch was reading 9 degrees. It was going to be a long day.

I knew that I used the internet a lot throughout the day, but holy cow! I was having the shakes by the time it came back on at 7:00 this evening. I go to my computer for company, information, and reassurance. Not to mention that I can't do my job-job without it. In fact, I discovered today that I don't know how to function without my computer. I need to contact someone in my playgroup, but how? I need to register for swim lessons, but how? I need to look up a developmental question, but how? I've got 5 minutes free, what do I DO with such time?

Despite my best efforts to dress her warmly, I keep finding Katy crouched over the vent... it's THAT cold...

So kudos to stay-at-home moms prior to the 21st century. The internet has a tremendous impact on my daily routine, and I don't know what I would do without it.


Giselle said...


Except that mothers prior to the 21st century had each person... so to contact someone for playgroup you just walk next door. And they didn't care about developmental questions...there wasn't so much pressure for your kid to be doing algebra at age 4 or whatever. And they didn't sign up for things like swim learned physical things in their backyard or when they got to school. And you didn't have 5 minutes of free time, because there was no pizza delivery, so you had to make dinner every night. -gasp- I was going to say that I am a bit envious of the early days...until that last one. Ugh.

Weed said...

Oh, I couldn't agree more. That week in the fall with the ice storm we lost cable, internet, and PHONE (including cell phone) service. I realized before long that I have a SERIOUS addiction to those things, particularly the internet. It's really sad. I've even tried giving it up for lent before (just allowing myself a half hour a day for essential email communication!). It was so hard.

Kathy, Grammy said...

There is a wonderful article by John Rosemond in our paper each Wednesday which I love reading. Granted, I am no longer in the child raising mode but I do totally agree with most of his ideas. Parents today would probably consider him "old fashioned" but his common sense approach is hard to dispute. His website is for insight into technologyless, everyday parenting....check it out.


Anonymous said...

From Grandma Sue,
I too enjoy reading John Rosemond. He has a long term prospective that is often hard to see when you are "in the trenches" with a couple of little ones. Hope you check it out.

Kelsey said...

The internet feels like a lifeline to me, too. If need be, there are LOTS of things we'd give up before we let the internet go!